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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives are saddened to learn of the death of Shirley
4J. Newsome of Chicago, who passed away on December 25, 2022;
6    WHEREAS, Shirley Newsome was born to Rev. Charlie Murray
7Sr. and Blancy Lillie Strong on August 15, 1945; she attended
8Marshall High School and Chicago Teachers College, now the
9Chicago State University College of Education; she was a
10resident of North Kenwood-Oakland in Chicago since 1979; and
11    WHEREAS, Shirley Newsome worked as an executive and
12judicial assistant, legal secretary, and stenographer across
13various agencies for the U.S. Government for more than 45
14years, including 33 years with the Federal Circuit Court
15system and 11 years with the Court of Appeals for the Seventh
16Circuit, before retiring in 2006; throughout her career, she
17received regular acknowledgments and awards for outstanding
18quality, special service, and length of service; and
19    WHEREAS, Shirley Newsome was a well-known North
20Kenwood-Oakland community leader and caretaker; she first
21became involved in her community through founding the Lake
22Park-Berkeley-Ellis-Drexel Block Club Association in 1981,



HR1042- 2 -LRB102 30096 LAW 42311 r

1which encompassed the area between Drexel Boulevard and the
2Lake and Pershing Road to 43rd Street; she was involved in the
3overall development and revitalization of the community area
4since 1988; she participated in the 80 planning meetings that
5led to the designation of North Kenwood-Oakland as a
6conservation area and served as co-chair of the Planning
7Committee; following designation by the Chicago City Council,
8she was appointed chairman of the North Kenwood-Oakland
9Community Conservation Council (NK-O CCC) in 1991; during her
10tenure, the NK-O CCC approved housing developments, from new
11condominiums to expanded parks to the reconfiguration of
12Oakwood Boulevard; and
13    WHEREAS, Shirley Newsome joined the South East Chicago
14Commission (SECC) in 2006; she was appointed to the SECC Board
15in 2008 to lead efforts in housing, transportation, business
16development and retention, neighborhood improvement, and arts
17and culture; she served as president of the SECC Board for 11
18years; and
19    WHEREAS, Shirley Newsome was appointed by then-Mayor
20Richard Daley to fill the interim alderman seat of the Fourth
21Ward left vacant by Toni Preckwinkle; she was unanimously
22approved by the City Council on January 13, 2011 and served
23until May 2011; and



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1    WHEREAS, Shirley Newsome belonged to several
2organizations, serving as board chairman of the Quad
3Communities Development Corporation (QCDC), vice-chair of the
4University of Chicago Charter School, and
5vice-chair/commissioner of the Community Development
6Commission; she was a member of the Obama Presidential Library
7Community Advisory Council, the Fourth Ward Democratic
8Organization, and the Ida B. Wells Commemorative Art
9Committee; she also served as a member and community
10representative of several Chicago Housing Authority working
11groups and Chicago Park District advisory councils; and
12    WHEREAS, Shirley Newsome committed to her faith at an
13early age, first attending the West Side New Galilee
14Missionary Baptist Church, where her father was pastor; she
15became a member of Monumental Baptist Church in 1979 and
16served in numerous leadership positions; and
17    WHEREAS, Shirley Newsome's civic engagement and work was
18highlighted by several organizations; she received several
19community service awards from multiple organizations,
20including Business & Professional People for the Public
21Interest in 2002, Genesis Housing in 2005, and the Abraham
22Lincoln Centre in 2006; she also received the Local
23Initiatives Support Corporation's Community Heroes Award in
242009 and the Fourth Ward Democratic Organization's Leadership



HR1042- 4 -LRB102 30096 LAW 42311 r

1Award in 2011; and
2    WHEREAS, Shirley Newsome was a champion of Chicago and its
3diverse communities, guiding Bronzeville, Hyde Park, Kenwood,
4Oakland, Washington Park, and Woodlawn with goodness, dignity,
5and truth; she will be remembered for her service and
6dedication to her community's development, history, and
7legacy; and
8    WHEREAS, Shirley Newsome was preceded in death by her
9parents; her husband, Howard Newsome; her son, Glenn M.
10Murray; her sisters, Patricia Murray-Hymon and Stephanie James
11Murray; and her brother, Kim Murray; and
12    WHEREAS, Shirley Newsome is survived by her sister, Ruby
13J. Ruff; her brother, Rev. Charles Murray Jr.; her
14granddaughter, Naquitta Dent; her three great-grandchildren;
15other extended family; and her Monumental Baptist Church
16family; therefore, be it
19we mourn the passing of Shirley J. Newsome and extend our
20sincere condolences to her family, friends, and all who knew
21and loved her; and be it further



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1    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
2presented to the family of Shirley Newsome as an expression of
3our deepest sympathy.