HR0718LRB102 26579 ECR 37290 r


2    WHEREAS, Oil and natural gas are vital components of our
3nation's economy and provide more than 11 million jobs
4nationwide, including 356,000 total jobs and $53.5 billion in
5gross domestic income in Illinois alone; and
6    WHEREAS, U.S. energy abundance has provided security that
7has historically led to reliable, affordable energy for
8American consumers and our allies; and
9    WHEREAS, The world is looking to America for energy
10leadership and stability as current geopolitical events pose
11potential economic disruptions in addition to the inflation
12already affecting households, both in the U.S. and across
13Europe; and
14    WHEREAS, Russia is the third leading oil producer in the
15world but is risking economic and global security along with
16the loss of lives by invading the democratic nation of
17Ukraine; and
18    WHEREAS, Russian exports of oil and gas provide 36 percent
19of Russia's national budget that is used to finance the war in
20Ukraine; and



HR0718- 2 -LRB102 26579 ECR 37290 r

1    WHEREAS, The European Union (EU) is Russia's primary
2market for oil and natural gas, with the EU obtaining 35
3percent of its natural gas and 25 percent of its oil from
4Russia; and
5    WHEREAS, The United States can increase its production of
6oil and gas to help provide economic and global security in
7light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine; and
8    WHEREAS, Operation and expansion of our oil and natural
9gas pipelines, key components of America's energy success that
10provide the most efficient means of transporting those
11commodities, are being blocked by the federal government and
12many state governments; and
13    WHEREAS, The Biden Administration continues to increase
14costs and delay efforts to develop oil and natural gas leasing
15on federal lands and waters, despite the fact that the program
16provides billions in revenues to federal, state, and local
17governments and supports conservation programs throughout the
18country; and
19    WHEREAS, U.S. offshore production is one of the lowest
20carbon intensive energy-producing regions in the world, and
21halting offshore leasing and development will shift production
22and capital investment overseas and undermine decades of



HR0718- 3 -LRB102 26579 ECR 37290 r

1environmental progress; therefore, be it
4we strongly urge the President of the United States to take
5measures and support policies that ensure long-term American
6energy leadership, security, and progress, including those
7that result in the continued operation of existing oil and
8natural gas pipelines, the construction of new oil and gas
9pipelines, the resumption of consistent, credible federal
10lease sales, and the immediate preparation of a new five-year
11program to guide future offshore leasing; and be it further
12    RESOLVED, That the Clerk of the House send duly
13authenticated copies of this resolution to the President of
14the United States, the United States Secretary of the
15Interior, the United States Secretary of Transportation, the
16Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and the Illinois
17Congressional delegation.