HR0699LRB102 26515 MST 37058 r


2    WHEREAS, The Illinois Department of Transportation, in
3conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and
4partnered with the Iowa Department of Transportation, desired
5to replace the I-80 bridge over the Mississippi River in Rock
6Island County; and
7    WHEREAS, It was determined that the Illinois Department of
8Transportation will be the lead agency, with Iowa and Illinois
9sharing costs equally; the job number for the project is
10P-92-013-15; the structure number is 081-0011; and
11    WHEREAS, On October 21, 2020, the Illinois Department of
12Transportation selected Parsons Transportation Group, Inc. to
13prepare a combined design report and environmental impact
14statement (EIS) for the structure that carries I-80 over the
15Mississippi River; and
16    WHEREAS, Parsons Transportation Group, Inc. was
17additionally tasked with determining, as part of the design
18report and EIS, whether it is possible that the proposed
19improvements could include total replacement and widening of
20the structure and whether that should be on new alignment;
21various alternatives will be studied to determine the most
22viable solution for this corridor; impacts to the interchanges



HR0699- 2 -LRB102 26515 MST 37058 r

1of I-80/IL 84 (IL side), which also crosses the Canadian
2Pacific (CP) Railroad, and I-80/US 67 (IA side) may need to be
3explored as the project develops; and
4    WHEREAS, As part of the phase 1 process, the Illinois
5Department of Transportation has been asked by the Bison
6Bridge Foundation to consider as an alternative the
7repurposing of the existing I-80 structure; a potential
8savings of over $30 million is possible by the elimination of
9the removal of the existing structure and not having to
10implement a multi-use facility on the proposed new structure;
12    WHEREAS, By repurposing the existing structure, in
13addition to offering savings to taxpayers, the Project has the
14potential to generate additional funds from increased tourism,
15economic development, improved quality of life, and the
16retention of the younger workforce in the area; and
17    WHEREAS, The Bison Bridge Foundation has shown the
18willingness to accept the existing structure at no cost to the
19Department and is willing to work with both the Illinois and
20Iowa Departments of Transportation and the FHWA to provide a
21facility that is conducive to the promotion of its goals of
22attracting tourism, increasing economic development, providing
23a multi-use facility, and promoting the Mississippi River



HR0699- 3 -LRB102 26515 MST 37058 r

1area; and
2    WHEREAS, The Bison Bridge Foundation proposes this project
3at no cost to the departments of transportation or the FHWA;
4instead, funding for this project will be accomplished by
5private and corporate donations; therefore, be it
8we urge the Governor and the Secretary of the Department of
9Transportation to develop plans for the new I-80 bridge
10structure that includes the incorporation of the Bison Bridge
11structure; and be it further
12    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
13delivered to the Governor, the Secretary of the Department of
14Transportation, and the Bison Bridge Foundation.