HR0530LRB102 21138 ECR 30129 r


2    WHEREAS, Kendall County Sheriff Dwight A. Baird has been
3named Sheriff of the Year by the Illinois State Crime
4Commission; and
5    WHEREAS, Sheriff Baird started his career in law
6enforcement in 1990 as a deputy for the Kendall County
7Sheriff's Office; and
8    WHEREAS, Sheriff Baird was hired by the Oswego Police
9Department a year and a half later; and
10    WHEREAS, Sheriff Baird rose through the ranks of the
11Oswego Police Department to obtain the rank of chief of police
12in 2003, retiring in that position in 2014; and
13    WHEREAS, While with the Oswego Police Department, Sheriff
14Baird worked in Investigations, Patrol, and Undercover
15Narcotics and was a member of the Special Response Team; and
16    WHEREAS, During the same time, Sheriff Baird also served
17as the interim village administrator for Oswego from April of
182011 to June of 2012 and as a volunteer fire fighter for the
19Oswego Fire Protection District for nine years; and



HR0530- 2 -LRB102 21138 ECR 30129 r

1    WHEREAS, Sheriff Baird was elected to the Office of
2Sheriff of Kendall County in 2014; and
3    WHEREAS, Sheriff Baird graduated from Waubonsee Community
4College with an associate's degree in Applied Science
5(Criminal Justice), Aurora University with a Bachelor of
6Science in Professional Studies (Criminal Justice Management),
7and Western Illinois University as a member of the Phi Kappa
8Phi National Honor Society with a Master of Arts in Law
9Enforcement Justice Administration; he also earned a number of
10certifications, including as a Police Executive, the FBI
11National Academy, the FBI LEEDS Program, and the National
12Sheriffs' Institute; and
13    WHEREAS, Sheriff Baird is a member of the Illinois
14Sheriffs' Association, the National Sheriffs' Association, the
15International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the
16Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police; and
17    WHEREAS, Sheriff Baird is also a past president of the
18North East Multi-Regional Training Board and a past board
19member of the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System, the High
20Intensity Drug Trafficking Agency, the Kendall County Public
21Action to Deliver Shelter, and the Illinois Criminal Justice
22Information Authority; and



HR0530- 3 -LRB102 21138 ECR 30129 r

1    WHEREAS, Sheriff Baird has been recognized for his
2achievements throughout his career, including receiving an
3Illinois Police Association Life Saving Award, the Illinois
4Association of Chiefs of Police Medal of Valor, and two
5Metropolitan Enforcement Group Director Awards, being named
6the 1997 Oswegoland Optimist Police Officer of the Year,
7receiving the 2006 Governor's Medal of Honor and the 2007
8Youth Service Volunteer Award, and being named the 2014
9Illinois Crime Commission Police Chief of the Year; and
10    WHEREAS, Sheriff Baird initiated several educational
11programs for Kendall County inmates, implemented a new video
12visitation program at no cost to taxpayers, formed a new
13domestic violence response team, community partnerships, and
14outreach programs, implemented body worn cameras, and
15initiated many other improvements to communicate with the
16public; and
17    WHEREAS, The Kendall County Jail, under the Kendall County
18Sheriff's Office Corrections Division, is one of only six
19jails accredited by the American Correctional Association; and
20    WHEREAS, Sheriff Baird has displayed outstanding
21professional standards in law enforcement and advanced field
22training and exemplifies the great service and safety programs
23of Kendall County; therefore, be it



HR0530- 4 -LRB102 21138 ECR 30129 r

3we congratulate Sheriff Dwight A. Baird on his recognition as
4the Illinois State Crime Commission's 2021 Sheriff of the Year
5and thank him for his decades of service and dedication to the
6Village of Oswego, Kendall County, and the State of Illinois;
7and be it further
8    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
9presented to Sheriff Baird and the Kendall County Sheriff's
10Office as an expression of our esteem and respect.