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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives wish to congratulate Tim Carpenter on the
4occasion of his retirement from his longtime position as the
5Illinois State Director of Council for a Strong America's
6Illinois office, the only person to serve in that position;
8    WHEREAS, Council for a Strong America consists of three
9national membership organizations that represent the
10experience and credibility of respected groups of civic
11leaders who, through council participation, are dedicated to
12improving the well-being of children from their earliest years
13of life; and
14    WHEREAS, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids is the oldest of
15these nonprofit, bipartisan membership organizations,
16consisting of police chiefs, sheriffs, and prosecutors
17providing a law enforcement perspective on children's policies
18that are shown by research to promote public safety; and
19    WHEREAS, Tim Carpenter opened the Illinois office of Fight
20Crime: Invest in Kids in 1998 and helped it develop, over time,
21to include nearly 350 law enforcement leaders from every
22corner of our State; and



HR0251- 2 -LRB102 18255 MST 25926 r

1    WHEREAS, Tim Carpenter has long coordinated the successful
2efforts of these law enforcement leaders in sharing research
3and experience with policymakers to make the case for greater
4investments in early care and education, after school
5programs, juvenile justice priorities, and other vital
6services for Illinois children and their families; and
7    WHEREAS, Over the years, Tim Carpenter and Fight Crime
8members have worked with a wide range of strong allies in
9helping to establish the Illinois Early Learning Council, to
10create our State's Preschool for All policy, and to enshrine
11in state statute the Teen REACH after school program, among
12other policy highlights; and
13    WHEREAS, In addition to Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, Tim
14Carpenter has helped to launch and shepherd the Illinois
15efforts of two other membership groups under the umbrella of
16Council for a Strong America, to assist in the work of
17improving children's learning and development, the ReadyNation
18network of business executives, which provides a workforce
19development and economic perspective, and the Mission:
20Readiness organization of retired U.S. military leaders,
21offering a national security background; and
22    WHEREAS, For 11 years prior to these efforts, Tim



HR0251- 3 -LRB102 18255 MST 25926 r

1Carpenter was demonstrating a commitment to Illinoisans in
2need through his leadership of the Metropolitan Tenants
3Organization in Chicago, a nonprofit, citywide coalition
4devoted to promoting tenants' rights and the availability,
5affordability, and quality of rental housing in that city; and
6    WHEREAS, Throughout his career, Tim Carpenter has drawn
7particular inspiration from the spirit and example of the late
8Chicago Mayor Harold Washington and has, in turn, likewise
9inspired countless others to similarly serve fellow
10Illinoisans in need; therefore, be it
13we congratulate Tim Carpenter on his stellar career of service
14to children and families statewide, and we extend our sincere
15best wishes to him for a happy, well-deserved retirement; and
16be it further
17    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
18presented to Tim Carpenter as an expression of our respect and