Rep. Marcus C. Evans, Jr.

Filed: 2/15/2022





10200HB5412ham001LRB102 25322 SPS 36405 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 5412 on page 3,
3immediately below line 23, by inserting the following:
4    "(g) Nothing in this Section shall supersede or modify the
5express terms contained in any collective bargaining agreement
6relating to the primary contractor's liability to pay the
7wages of its subcontractor's employees.
8    (h) Prior to the commencement of any civil action, a
9claimant or a representative of a claimant shall provide
10written notice to the employer and to the primary contractor
11detailing the nature and basis for the claim. Failure of the
12employer or the primary contractor to resolve the claim within
1310 days after receipt of this notice, or during any agreed upon
14period extending this deadline, may result in the filing of a
15civil action to enforce the provisions of this Act.".