Sen. Cristina H. Pacione-Zayas

Filed: 1/4/2023





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 3878, AS AMENDED,
3by replacing line 25 on page 29 through line 4 on page 30 as
5        "(9) One member representing a local administering
6    agency from a rural area, appointed by the Governor; as
7    used in this paragraph, "rural area" means an area of the
8    State that is not specifically named in paragraph (7) or
9    (8).
10        (10) Three members from an organization representing
11    Illinois county clerks and recorders, appointed by the
12    Governor, as follows:
13            (A) one member from Cook County (excluding
14        Chicago), DuPage County, Lake County, Kane County,
15        Will County, or McHenry County;
16            (B) one member from a small metropolitan area from
17        one of the following areas: the cities of Springfield,
18        Rockford, Peoria, Decatur, Champaign, Urbana,



10200HB3878sam002- 2 -LRB102 14197 AWJ 42347 a

1        Bloomington, Normal, Rock Island, DeKalb, Moline,
2        Pekin, or Rantoul or Madison County or St. Clair
3        County; and
4            (C) one member from a rural area, appointed by the
5        Governor; as used in this subparagraph, "rural area"
6        means an area of the State that is not specifically
7        named in subparagraph (A) or (B).".