Rep. Kathleen Willis

Filed: 5/24/2019





10100SB1966ham003LRB101 09230 RLC 61202 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1966, AS AMENDED,
3with reference to page and line numbers of House Amendment No.
41, by replacing line 8 on page 29 through line 11 on page 30
5with the following:
6"address on either of those 2 documents.
7    (b-1) Any person within this State who, before the
8provisions of subsection (a-5) become operative, transferred
9or caused transfers or causes to be transferred any firearm,
10stun gun, or taser shall keep a record of such transfer for a
11period of 10 years from the date of transfer. Such record shall
12contain the date of the transfer; the description, serial
13number or other information identifying the firearm, stun gun,
14or taser if no serial number is available; and, if the transfer
15was completed within this State, the transferee's Firearm
16Owner's Identification Card number and any approval number or
17documentation provided by the Department of State Police
18pursuant to subsection (a-10) of this Section; if the transfer



10100SB1966ham003- 2 -LRB101 09230 RLC 61202 a

1was not completed within this State, the record shall contain
2the name and address of the transferee. The On or after January
31, 2006, the record shall contain the date of application for
4transfer of the firearm. On demand of a peace officer such
5transferor shall produce for inspection such record of
6transfer. If the transfer or sale took place at a gun show, the
7record shall include the unique identification number. Failure
8to record the unique identification number or approval number
9is a petty offense. For transfers of a firearm, stun gun, or
10taser made on or after January 1, 2019 (the effective date of
11Public Act 100-1178) and before the provisions of subsection
12(a-5) become operative this amendatory Act of the 100th General
13Assembly, failure by the private seller to maintain the
14transfer records in accordance with this Section is a Class A
15misdemeanor for the first offense and a Class 4 felony for a
16second or subsequent offense. A transferee shall not be
17criminally liable under this subsection (b-1) Section provided
18that he or she provides the Department of State Police with the
19transfer records in accordance with procedures established by
20the Department. The Department shall establish, by rule, a
21standard form on its website.".