HR0963LRB101 23461 LAW 74809 r


2    WHEREAS, The United States of America, for more than two
3hundred and forty years, has moved in the direction of being a
4society of laws and not of individual men nor women; and
5    WHEREAS, In order to create a society of laws, it is
6necessary, a requirement of every ordered nation around the
7world, that the society place one of its toughest burdens, the
8day-to-day enforcement of law and order, upon a professional
9group of service officers who are trained to fulfill this role;
11    WHEREAS, The American people have, up until now, been
12distinguished among all the people of the world in our unique
13understanding of, and respect for, the burdens faced by law
14enforcement first responders, the men and women we call "the
15police"; and
16    WHEREAS, In the extraordinary year of 2020, which has now
17come to an end, all U.S. first responders have faced
18unprecedented challenges as part of their day-to-day work;
19because of the nature of police work and the people with whom
20police officers have to deal, this is and must be, as there is
21no alternative, a special burden, a special challenge, for
22first responders in the field of law enforcement; and



HR0963- 2 -LRB101 23461 LAW 74809 r

1    WHEREAS, Perhaps because of the conditions of this
2extraordinary and tragic year, 2020, many Americans, many
3well-meaning Americans, many good Americans, have become
4confused; all of us are bearing our own weights, and so in a
5time when we should be showing our uniformed men and women of
6law enforcement more understanding than ever, some are showing
7them less; and
8    WHEREAS, Crimes committed by police against our citizens
9cannot nor will not be tolerated; these individuals must be
10held accountable and prosecuted for their acts; and
11    WHEREAS, The great vast majority of men and women who wear
12the badge are committed to their mission of protecting
13law-abiding citizens and enforcing the laws of the State of
14Illinois, and they should not be vilified with legislation that
15diminishes their ability to serve, nor legislation which is
16punitive to those who serve honorably; and
17    WHEREAS, At a time when the City of Chicago sadly tallied
18774 murders in 2020, a 50% increase from 2019, the General
19Assembly should be working to reduce crime, not moving flawed
20legislation through a "lame duck session"; therefore, be it



HR0963- 3 -LRB101 23461 LAW 74809 r

2the sponsors of this resolution are committed to effective and
3thoughtful changes to the criminal justice system and policing
4in a bipartisan transparent manner with all stakeholders
5represented, and this approach on issues of this importance
6will serve the State of Illinois and its citizens well; and be
7it further
8    RESOLVED, That the sponsors of this resolution affirm our
9support for the men and women of Illinois who wear the badge.