HR0157LRB101 11298 ALS 56689 r


2    WHEREAS, The legalization of recreational marijuana is a
3major public policy decision that will affect the lives of
4millions of Illinoisans and should therefore be taken very
5seriously; and
6    WHEREAS, Respected stakeholders have expressed concerns
7about a number of possible health and safety issues that may
8arise from legalization; and
9    WHEREAS, Legalization has the potential to increase both
10access and use among youth users; and
11    WHEREAS, This potential increase to access and use raises
12concerns about the effect of marijuana on young people's
13brains, as research has demonstrated that long-term use of
14marijuana may be associated with altered brain development,
15particularly when individuals begin regular use during
16adolescence because the brain is not fully developed until an
17individual is 25 years old; and
18    WHEREAS, There is legitimate concern about the potential
19increase in cases of "driving under the influence" (DUIs), with
20many police departments expressing concern that there is not
21yet a reliable and accurate way to measure the impairment of a



HR0157- 2 -LRB101 11298 ALS 56689 r

1driver who may have consumed marijuana; and
2    WHEREAS, States that have legalized recreational marijuana
3have seen an increase in homelessness, as people travel to
4those states for access to marijuana; and
5    WHEREAS, Research from the U.S. National Institutes of
6Health has indicated that marijuana use can have an adverse
7effect on individuals with mental health disorders, especially
8those with a predisposition for schizophrenia; and
9    WHEREAS, Several other states, including Colorado, have
10recently legalized recreational marijuana and are beginning to
11record data related to this change in policy; such data will
12illustrate both the benefits and possible detrimental effects
13of legalization, whether related to health, public safety, the
14effects on children, or any number of other issues; and
15    WHEREAS, Such data from other states is a valuable tool
16that Illinois should take full advantage of before making the
17decision on the legalization of recreational marijuana;
18therefore, be it
21we urge lawmakers to slow the process of legalizing



HR0157- 3 -LRB101 11298 ALS 56689 r

1recreational marijuana in Illinois, so that lawmakers,
2stakeholders, and experts alike have the chance to consider the
3societal impact of legalization and examine all of the data
4from other states that have passed similar legislation; and be
5it further
6    RESOLVED, That lawmakers should not rush irresponsible
7legislation purely for tax revenues but should consider the
8health and safety of Illinoisans as their first priority when
9considering the question of legalization; and be it further
10    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
11presented to the Governor's Office and the Clerk of the House.