Rep. Deanne M. Mazzochi

Filed: 3/19/2019





10100HB3182ham001LRB101 10878 LNS 58242 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 3182 on page 2, by
3replacing lines 5 through 13 with the following:
4        "In a case involving dissolution of marriage,
5    declaration of invalidity of marriage, allocation of
6    parental responsibilities, or domestic violence, the court
7    shall only appoint a guardian ad litem who: (1) has
8    received at least 15 hours of training over the past 5
9    years; or (2) possesses experience, as determined by the
10    chief judge of the circuit where the guardian ad litem has
11    been appointed, to be equivalent to such training. For
12    purposes of calculating training hours, at least 8 hours of
13    qualified training shall include training conducted by a
14    domestic violence shelter, or offered by a statewide
15    organization advocating for survivors of domestic
16    violence.".