Sen. Iris Y. Martinez

Filed: 5/3/2019





10100HB2176sam001LRB101 06719 RJF 60079 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 2176 as follows:
3on page 3, by replacing lines 13 and 14 with "(a), every notary
4public who is subject to subsection (a)"; and
5on page 3, line 17, by replacing "in Spanish and English" with
6"in English and the language used in the advertisement for
7notary services"; and
8on page 3, line 21, after the period, by inserting "The Office
9of the Secretary of State shall translate this acknowledgement
10into Spanish and any other language the Secretary of State may
11deem necessary to achieve the requirements of this subsection
12(c-5), and shall make the translations available on the website
13of the Secretary of State.".