Sen. Terry Link

Filed: 2/28/2017





10000SB0007sam003LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 7, on page 2, line
310, after "water-based facility", by inserting "and airport
4gaming locations pursuant to Section 1-67 of this Act"; and
5by replacing line 21 on page 20 through line 22 on page 23 with
6the following:
7    "Section 1-45. Casino management contracts.
8    (a) The Casino Board shall enter into a casino management
9contract with a casino operator subject to a background
10investigation and approval by the Gaming Board and payment by
11the proposed casino operator of a fee of $50,000,000, which
12shall be deposited into the Gaming Facilities Fee Revenue Fund.
13The Gaming Board shall complete its background investigation
14and approval of the casino operator within 6 months after the
15date that the proposed casino operator submits its application
16to the Gaming Board. If the Gaming Board does not complete its



10000SB0007sam003- 2 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1background investigation and approval within the 6-month
2period, then the Gaming Board shall give a written explanation
3to the proposed casino operator and the chief legal officer of
4the Authority as to why it has not reached a final
5determination and when it reasonably expects to make a final
6determination. Validity of the casino management contract is
7contingent upon the issuance of a casino operator license. If
8the Gaming Board grants a casino operator license, the Casino
9Board shall transmit a copy of the executed casino management
10contract to the Gaming Board.
11    (b) After (1) the Authority has been issued an owners
12license, (2) the Gaming Board has issued a casino operator
13license, and (3) the Gaming Board has approved the members of
14the Casino Board, the Authority may conduct gaming operations
15at a temporary facility, subject to the adopted rules of the
16Gaming Board, for no longer than 24 months after gaming
17operations begin. The Gaming Board may, after holding a public
18hearing, grant an extension so long as a permanent facility is
19not operational and the Authority is working in good faith to
20complete the permanent facility. The Gaming Board may grant
21additional extensions following further public hearings. Each
22extension may be for a period of no longer than 6 months."; and
23on page 27, immediately below line 19, by inserting the



10000SB0007sam003- 3 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1    "Section 1-67. Limitations on gaming at Chicago airports.
2The Authority may conduct gaming operations in an airport under
3the administration or control of the Chicago Department of
4Aviation. Gaming operations may be conducted pursuant to this
5Section so long as (i) gaming operations are conducted in a
6secured area that is beyond the Transportation Security
7Administration security checkpoints and only available to
8airline passengers at least 21 years of age who are members of
9a private club, and not to the general public, (ii) gaming
10operations are limited to slot machines, as defined in Section
114 of the Illinois Gambling Act, and (iii) the combined number
12of gaming positions operating in the City at the airports and
13at the temporary and permanent casino facility does not exceed
14the maximum number of gaming positions authorized pursuant to
15subsection (h) of Section 7 of the Illinois Gambling Act.
16Gaming operations at an airport are subject to all applicable
17laws and rules that apply to any other gaming facility under
18this Act or the Illinois Gambling Act."; and
19on page 50, line 2, by replacing "Sections 5-45 and 20-10" with
20"Section 5-45"; and
21by deleting line 21 on page 55 through line 12 on page 61; and
22on page 96, by replacing lines 1 through 12 with the following:
23    "(b) The revenues in the Fund shall be used, subject to



10000SB0007sam003- 4 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1appropriation, by the Comptroller for the purpose of providing
2appropriations to the Illinois Gaming Board for the
3administration and enforcement of the Illinois Gambling Act and
4the applicable provisions of the Chicago Casino Development
5Authority Act, with any remaining amounts being transferred to
6the General Revenue Fund."; and
7on page 96, line 14, by replacing "(e)" with "(a)"; and
8on page 96, line 16, by replacing "(e-25)" with "(h)"; and
9by replacing line 22 on page 214 through line 6 on page 215
10with the following:
11    "(e-1) In awarding standardbred racing dates for calendar
12year 2018, the Board shall award at least 160 racing dates, and
13each organization licensee shall average at least 10 races for
14each racing date awarded. In awarding standardbred racing dates
15for calendar year 2019, the Board shall award at least 200
16racing dates, and each organization licensee shall average at
17least 11 races for each racing date awarded. In awarding
18standardbred racing dates for calendar year 2020 and
19thereafter, the Board shall award at least 260 racing dates,
20and each organization licensee shall average at least 11 races
21for each racing date awarded unless a lesser schedule of live
22racing is a result of an agreement with the organization
23representing the largest number of standardbred owners,



10000SB0007sam003- 5 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1breeders, trainers, drivers, caretakers in the State.
2Standardbred racing conducted in Sangamon County shall not be
3considered races under this subsection (e-1)."; and
4on page 217, by replacing lines 16 through 26 with the
6    "(e-4) Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 7.7 of the
7Illinois Gambling Act or any provision of this Act other than
8subsections (e-3) and (e-4.5), for each calendar year for which
9an electronic gaming licensee requests thoroughbred racing
10dates which results in a number of live races under its
11organization license that is less than the total number of live
12races which it conducted in 2016 at its race track facility,
13the electronic gaming licensee may not conduct electronic
14gaming for the calendar year of such requested live races.
15    (e-4.1) Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 7.7 of
16the Illinois Gambling Act or any provision of this Act other
17than subsections (e-3) and (e-4.5), for each calendar year for
18which an organization licensee requests racing dates for
19standardbred racing which results in a number of live races
20that is less than the total number of live races required in
21subsection (e-1), the electronic gaming licensee may not
22conduct electronic gaming for the calendar year of such
23requested live races."; and
24on page 253, line 3, by replacing "or (iii)" with "or (iii) at



10000SB0007sam003- 6 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1a track awarded standardbred racing dates in 2018 and
2thereafter; or (iv)"; and
3on page 253, line 26, after the period, by inserting "An
4eligible race track conducting standardbred racing may have up
5to 9 inter-track wagering locations."; and
6on page 309, by deleting lines 7 through 15; and
7on page 315, by replacing lines 21 through 25 with the
9    "(b) If the organization licensee is operating electronic
10gaming, then, for the 5-year period beginning on the January 1
11of the calendar year immediately following the calendar year
12during which an organization licensee begins conducting
13electronic gaming operations pursuant to an electronic gaming
14license issued under the Illinois Gambling Act, the
15organization licensee shall make capital expenditures, in an
16amount equal to no less than 50% of the tax credit under this
17Section, to the improvement and maintenance of the backstretch,
18including, but not limited to, backstretch barns, dormitories,
19and services for backstretch workers. Those capital
20expenditures must be in addition to, and not in lieu of, the
21capital expenditures made for backstretch improvements in
22calendar year 2015, as reported to the Board in the
23organization licensee's application for racing dates and as



10000SB0007sam003- 7 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1certified by the Board. The organization licensee is required
2to annually submit the list and amounts of these capital
3expenditures to the Board by January 30th of the year following
4the expenditure.
5    (c) If the organization licensee is operating electronic
6gaming in accordance with paragraph (b), then, after the 5-year
7period beginning on January 1 of the calendar year immediately
8following the calendar year during which an organization
9licensee begins conducting electronic gaming operations
10pursuant to an electronic gaming license issued under the
11Illinois Gambling Act, the organization license is ineligible
12to receive a tax credit under this Section."; and
13on page 322, lines 20 and 21, by replacing "controlled by the
14licensee's race track" with "of which the electronic gaming
15licensee has operating control"; and
16on page 326, line 23, by replacing "and 7.13" with "7.13, and
1725"; and
18on page 333, immediately below line 18, by inserting the
20    ""Wide area progressive system" means a method of linking
21progressive slot machines or electronic gaming machines across
22telecommunication lines as part of a network connecting
23participating facilities. Wide area progressive systems offer



10000SB0007sam003- 8 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1a common progressive jackpot at all participating locations and
2the award of the jackpot is at random."; and
3on page 367, line 2, after the period, by inserting "In order
4to expedite the application process, the Board may establish
5rules allowing applicants to acquire criminal background
6checks and financial integrity reviews as part of the initial
7application process from a list of vendors approved by the
8Board."; and
9on page 370, line 15, after "casino", by inserting "or in an
10airport"; and
11on page 374, line 24, by replacing "6 months" with "120 days";
13on page 379, line 8, by replacing "paragraphs (2) through (5)"
14with "subsection (e) or paragraph (2), (3), (4), or (5)"; and
15on page 379, line 20, after the period, by inserting "The fees
16under this subsection (h) shall be deposited into the Gaming
17Facilities Fee Revenue Fund."; and
18on page 380, lines 14 and 16, by replacing "per gaming
19position" each time it appears with "per additional gaming
20position"; and



10000SB0007sam003- 9 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1on page 382, by replacing lines 5 through 7 with "2,000
2positions total."; and
3on page 385, by replacing lines 15 through 19 with the
5"7.4, or (iii) it will issue an owners license pursuant to an
6open and competitive bidding process, as set forth in Section
77.12, the open and competitive"; and
8on page 391, by replacing lines 22 and 23 with "required under
9subsection (k), (v) conduct live racing in accordance with
10subsections (e-1), (e-2), and (e-3) of Section 20 of the
11Illinois Horse Racing Act of 1975 or for a licensee that is
12only"; and
13on page 392, lines 5 and 6, by deleting "that had an open
14backstretch in 2009"; and
15on page 392, by replacing lines 14 through 18 with "of this Act
16that apply to owners licensees."; and
17on page 394, lines 4 through 6, by deleting "whose electronic
18gaming license originates with an organization licensee that
19conducted live racing in calendar year 2016"; and



10000SB0007sam003- 10 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1on page 394, lines 8 through 10, by deleting "whose electronic
2gaming license originates with an organization licensee that
3conducted live racing in calendar year 2016"; and
4on page 397, immediately below line 16, by inserting the
6    "(i-5) Under no circumstances shall an electronic gaming
7licensee conduct electronic gaming at any State or county
8fair."; and
9on page 429, immediately below line 6, by inserting the
11    "(a-4.5) Beginning on the first day of the calendar month
12immediately following 24 months after the effective date of
13this amendatory Act of the 100th General Assembly and ending on
14the date gambling operations, commence at a permanent facility
15with respect to the owners license authorized under paragraph
16(1) of subsection (e-5) of Section 7 of this Act, a privilege
17tax is imposed on persons engaged in the business of conducting
18riverboat or casino gambling or electronic gaming operations,
19other than licensed managers conducting riverboat gambling
20operations on behalf of the State, based on the adjusted gross
21receipts received by such licensee from the gambling games
22authorized under this Act. The privilege tax shall be the
23average of the privilege tax, in terms of dollar amounts,
24calculated pursuant to subsection (a-4) and subsection



10000SB0007sam003- 11 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1(a-6)."; and
2on page 429, by replacing lines 7 through 10 with the
4    "(a-5) Beginning on January 1 following the opening of the
5permanent casino at which gambling operations are conducted
6pursuant to the Chicago Casino Development Authority Act, a
7privilege tax is imposed on persons engaged in"; and
8on page 431, immediately below line 26, by inserting the
10    "(a-7) Beginning in the initial adjustment year and through
11the final adjustment year, if the total obligation imposed
12pursuant to either subsection (a-5) or (a-6) will result in an
13owners licensee receiving less after-tax adjusted gross
14receipts than it received in calendar year 2016, then the total
15amount of privilege taxes that the owners licensee is required
16to pay for that calendar year shall be reduced to the extent
17necessary so that the after-tax adjusted gross receipts in that
18calendar year equals the after-tax adjusted gross receipts in
19calendar year 2016, but the privilege tax reduction shall not
20exceed the annual adjustment cap. If pursuant to this
21subsection (a-7), the total obligation imposed pursuant to
22either subsection (a-5) or (a-6) shall be reduced, then the
23owners licensee shall not receive a refund from the State at
24the end of the subject calendar year but instead shall be able



10000SB0007sam003- 12 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1to apply that amount as a credit against any payments it owes
2to the State in the following calendar year to satisfy its
3total obligation under either subsection (a-5) or (a-6). The
4credit for the final adjustment year shall occur in the
5calendar year following the final adjustment year.
6    If an owners licensee that conducted gambling operations
7prior to January 1, 2017 expands its riverboat or casino,
8including, but not limited to, with respect to its gaming
9floor, additional non-gaming amenities such as restaurants,
10bars, and hotels and other additional facilities, and incurs
11construction and other costs related to such expansion from the
12effective date of this amendatory Act of the 100th General
13Assembly until the 5th anniversary of the effective date of
14this amendatory Act of the 100th General Assembly, then for
15each $15,000,000 spent for any such construction or other costs
16related to expansion paid by the owners licensee, the final
17adjustment year shall be extended by one year and the annual
18adjustment cap shall increase by 0.2% of adjusted gross
19receipts during each calendar year until and including the
20final adjustment year. No further modifications to the final
21adjustment year or annual adjustment cap shall be made after
22$75,000,000 is incurred in construction or other costs related
23to expansion so that the final adjustment year shall not extend
24beyond the 9th calendar year after the initial adjustment year,
25not including the initial adjustment year, and the annual
26adjustment cap shall not exceed 4% of adjusted gross receipts



10000SB0007sam003- 13 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1in a particular calendar year. Construction and other costs
2related to expansion shall include all project related costs,
3including, but not limited to, all hard and soft costs,
4financing costs, on or off-site ground, road or utility work,
5cost of gaming equipment and all other personal property,
6initial fees assessed for each incremental gaming position, and
7the cost of incremental land acquired for such expansion. Soft
8costs shall include, but not be limited to, legal fees,
9architect, engineering and design costs, other consultant
10costs, insurance cost, permitting costs, and pre-opening costs
11related to the expansion, including, but not limited to, any of
12the following: marketing, real estate taxes, personnel,
13training, travel and out-of-pocket expenses, supply,
14inventory, and other costs, and any other project related soft
16    Notwithstanding any other provision of this subsection
17(a-7), this subsection (a-7) does not apply to an owners
18licensee unless such owners licensee spends at least
19$15,000,000 on construction and other costs related to its
20expansion, excluding the initial fees assessed for each
21incremental gaming position.
22    This subsection (a-7) does not apply to owners licensees
23authorized pursuant to subsection (e-5) of Section 7 of this
25For purposes of this subsection (a-7):
26    "Initial adjustment year" means the year commencing on



10000SB0007sam003- 14 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1January 1 of the calendar year immediately following the
2earlier of the following:
3        (1) the commencement of gambling operations, either in
4    a temporary or permanent facility, with respect to the
5    owners license authorized under paragraph (1) of
6    subsection (e-5) of Section 7 of this Act; or
7        (2) 36 months after the effective date of this
8    amendatory Act of the 100th General Assembly, provided the
9    initial adjustment year shall not commence earlier than 24
10    months after the effective date of this amendatory Act of
11    the 100th General Assembly.
12    "Final adjustment year" means the 4th calendar year after
13the initial adjustment year, not including the initial
14adjustment year, and as may be extended further as described in
15this subsection (a-7).
16    "After-tax adjusted gross receipts" means, for calendar
17year 2016, the adjusted gross receipts less privilege taxes
18paid to the State and for subsequent calendar years, the
19adjusted gross receipts less privilege taxes paid to the State,
20then divided by the owners licensee's average number of gaming
21positions operating in that calendar year and then multiplied
22by the owners licensee's average number of gaming positions
23operating in calendar year 2016.
24    "Annual adjustment cap" means 3% of adjusted gross receipts
25in a particular calendar year, and as may be increased further
26as otherwise described in this subsection (a-7)."; and



10000SB0007sam003- 15 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1on page 453, immediately below line 2, by inserting the
3    "(230 ILCS 10/25 new)
4    Sec. 25. Wide area progressive systems. The operation of a
5wide area progressive system is permitted in gambling
6operations authorized under this Act subject to the following
8        (1) The method of communication over the wide area
9    progressive system must consist of dedicated on-line
10    communication lines or the equivalent, as determined by the
11    Administrator, or wireless communication, which may be
12    subject to certain restrictions imposed by the
13    Administrator.
14        (2) All communication between each facility location
15    and the central system site must be encrypted.
16        (3) The central system site must be located within the
17    State of Illinois and be equipped with a non-interruptible
18    power supply and the central computer must be capable of
19    on-line data redundancy should hard disk peripherals fail
20    during operation. The office containing the central
21    computer shall be equipped with a surveillance system that
22    has been approved by the Administrator. The wide area
23    progressive system provider shall be required to keep and
24    maintain an entry and exit log for the office containing



10000SB0007sam003- 16 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1    the central computer. The wide area progressive system
2    provider shall provide access to the office containing the
3    central computer to the Administrator and shall make
4    available to the Administrator all books, records, and
5    information required by the Administrator in fulfilling
6    his or her regulatory purpose.
7        (4) A wide area progressive system provider must
8    suspend play on the wide area progressive system if a
9    communication failure of the system cannot be corrected
10    within 24 consecutive hours.
11        (5) Approval by the Board of any wide area progressive
12    system shall occur only after the Administrator has
13    reviewed the wide area progressive system software and
14    hardware and is satisfied that the operation of the system
15    meets accepted industry standards for wide area
16    progressive system products, as well as any other
17    requirements that the Administrator may impose to ensure
18    the integrity, security, and legal operation of the wide
19    area progressive system.
20        (6) A meter that shows the amount of the common
21    progressive jackpot must be conspicuously displayed at or
22    near the machines to which the jackpot applies. The common
23    progressive jackpot meter need not precisely show the
24    actual moneys in the common progressive jackpot award at
25    each instant. Nothing shall prohibit the use of an odometer
26    or other paced updating progressive display to show updates



10000SB0007sam003- 17 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1    to the jackpot. When a paced updating display is used and
2    the remote site is communicating to the central computer,
3    the common progressive jackpot meter must display the
4    winning value after the jackpot broadcast is received from
5    the central system. If a common progressive jackpot is
6    recognized in the middle of a systemwide poll cycle, the
7    common progressive jackpot display may contain a value less
8    than the aggregated amount calculated by the central
9    system. The fund values from the remaining portion of the
10    poll cycle shall be received by the central system, but not
11    the local site, in which case the common progressive
12    jackpot amount paid shall always be the higher of the 2
13    reporting amounts.
14        (7) When a common progressive jackpot is won, the wide
15    area progressive system provider shall have the
16    opportunity to inspect the machine, storage media, the
17    error events received by the central system, and any other
18    data which could reasonably be used to ascertain the
19    validity of the jackpot.
20            (A) The central system shall produce reports that
21        clearly demonstrate the method of arriving at the
22        payoff amount. This shall include the funds
23        contributed beginning with the polling cycle
24        immediately following the previous jackpot and all
25        funds contributed up to and including the polling cycle
26        that includes the jackpot signal. Funds contributed to



10000SB0007sam003- 18 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1        and registered by the system before the jackpot message
2        is received shall be deemed to have been contributed to
3        the progressive amount prior to the current jackpot.
4        Funds contributed to the system subsequent to the
5        jackpot message's being received, as well as funds
6        contributed to the system before the jackpot message is
7        received by the system but registered after the jackpot
8        message is received at the system, shall be deemed to
9        have been contributed to the progressive amount of the
10        next jackpot.
11            (B) The common progressive jackpot may be
12        disbursed in periodic payments as long as each machine
13        clearly displays the fact that the jackpot shall be
14        paid in such periodic payments. In addition, the number
15        of periodic payments and time between payments must be
16        clearly displayed on the slot machine in a
17        non-misleading manner.
18            (C) A wide area progressive system provider must,
19        upon request, supply to the Board reports that support
20        and verify the economic activity of the system.
21        (8) In calculating adjusted gross revenue, a facility
22    may deduct its pro rata share of the present value of any
23    common progressive jackpots awarded. The deduction shall
24    be listed on the detailed accounting records provided by
25    the wide area progressive system provider. A facility's pro
26    rata share is based on the number of funds in from that



10000SB0007sam003- 19 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1    facility's machines on the wide area progressive system,
2    compared to the total amount of funds in on the whole
3    system for the time period between jackpots awarded.
4        (9) In the event a facility ceases operations and a
5    progressive jackpot is awarded subsequent to the last day
6    of the final month of operation, the facility may not file
7    an amended wagering tax submission or make a claim for a
8    wagering tax refund based on its contributions to that
9    particular progressive prize pool.
10        (10) A facility, or an entity that is licensed as a
11    manufacturer or distributor, shall provide the wide area
12    progressive system in accordance with a written agreement
13    that shall be reviewed and approved by the Board prior to
14    offering the jackpots.
15        (11) The payment of any common progressive jackpot
16    offered on a wide area progressive system shall be
17    administered by the wide area progressive system provider,
18    and the provider shall have primary liability for payment
19    of any common progressive jackpot the person administers.
20        (12) A wide area progressive system provider shall
21    comply with the following:
22            (A) A reserve shall be established and maintained
23        by the provider of the wide area progressive system in
24        an amount of not less than the sum of the following
25        amounts:
26                (i) the present value of the aggregate



10000SB0007sam003- 20 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1            remaining balances owed on all jackpots previously
2            won by patrons on the wide area progressive system;
3                (ii) the present value of the amount currently
4            reflected on the jackpot meters of the wide area
5            progressive system; and
6                (iii) the present value of one additional
7            reset of the wide area progressive system.
8            (B) The reserve shall continue to be maintained
9        until all payments owed to winners of the common
10        progressive jackpots have been made.
11            (C) For common progressive jackpots disbursed in
12        periodic payments, any qualified investment shall be
13        purchased within 90 days following notice of the win of
14        the common progressive jackpot, and a copy of such
15        qualified investment shall be provided to the Board
16        within 30 days of purchase. Any qualified investment
17        shall have a surrender value at maturity and shall have
18        a maturity date prior to the date the periodic jackpot
19        payment is required to be made.
20            (D) The person authorized to provide the wide area
21        progressive system shall not be permitted to sell,
22        trade, or otherwise dispose of any qualified
23        investments prior to their maturity unless approval to
24        do so is first obtained from the Board.
25            (E) Upon becoming aware of an event of
26        noncompliance with the terms of the reserve



10000SB0007sam003- 21 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1        requirement mandated by subparagraph (A) in this
2        paragraph (12), the wide area progressive system
3        provider must immediately notify the Board of such
4        event. An event of noncompliance includes a
5        non-payment of a jackpot periodic payment or a
6        circumstance which may cause the wide area progressive
7        system provider to be unable to fulfill, or which may
8        otherwise impair the person's ability to satisfy, the
9        person's jackpot payment obligations.
10            (F) On a quarterly basis, the wide area progressive
11        system provider must deliver to the Board a calculation
12        of system reserves required under subparagraph (A) in
13        this paragraph (12). The calculation shall come with a
14        certification of financial compliance signed by a duly
15        authorized financial officer of the wide area
16        progressive system provider, on a form prescribed by
17        the Board, validating the calculation.
18        (13) For common progressive jackpots disbursed in
19    periodic payments, subsequent to the date of the win, a
20    winner may be offered the option to receive, in lieu of
21    periodic payments, a discounted single cash payment in the
22    form of a qualified prize option, as that term is defined
23    in Section 451(h) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. The
24    wide area progressive system provider shall calculate the
25    single cash payment based on the discount rate. Until the
26    new discount rate becomes effective, the discount rate



10000SB0007sam003- 22 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1    selected by the wide area progressive system provider shall
2    be used to calculate the single cash payment for all
3    qualified prizes that occur subsequent to the date of the
4    selected discount rate."; and
5on page 453, line 4, after "5,", by inserting "20,"; and
6on page 453, line 4, after "80", by inserting "and by adding
7Section 90"; and
8on page 457, immediately below line 5, by inserting the
10    "(230 ILCS 40/20)
11    Sec. 20. Direct dispensing of receipt tickets only. A video
12gaming terminal may not directly dispense coins, cash, tokens,
13or any other article of exchange or value except for receipt
14tickets. Tickets shall be dispensed by pressing the ticket
15dispensing button on the video gaming terminal at the end of
16one's turn or play. The ticket shall indicate the total amount
17of credits and the cash award, the time of day in a 24-hour
18format showing hours and minutes, the date, the terminal serial
19number, the sequential number of the ticket, and an encrypted
20validation number from which the validity of the prize may be
21determined. The player shall turn in this ticket to the
22appropriate person at the licensed establishment, licensed



10000SB0007sam003- 23 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1truck stop establishment, licensed fraternal establishment, or
2licensed veterans establishment to receive the cash award. The
3cost of the credit shall be one cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, or 25
4cents, and the maximum wager played per hand shall not exceed
5$4 $2. No cash award for the maximum wager on any individual
6hand shall exceed $1,199, except in the case of a wide area
7progressive system, as defined in the Illinois Gambling Act,
8which shall have no limits for cash awards $500.
9(Source: P.A. 96-34, eff. 7-13-09; 96-1410, eff. 7-30-10.)";
11on page 468, immediately below line 25, by inserting the
13    "(230 ILCS 40/90 new)
14    Sec. 90. Wide area progressive systems. The operation of a
15wide area progressive system, as defined in the Illinois
16Gambling Act, is permitted, subject to the provisions of the
17Illinois Gambling Act, and the following conditions:
18        (1) Licensed terminal operators and manufacturer or
19    supplier licensees may operate one or more wide area
20    progressive systems in licensed establishments, licensed
21    truck stop establishments, licensed veterans
22    establishments, and licensed fraternal establishments. A
23    designated portion of a player's wager may be allocated to
24    the jackpot. The jackpot may be awarded to a player on any



10000SB0007sam003- 24 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1    of the video gaming terminals that are linked to the wide
2    area progressive system.
3        (2) A wide area progressive system shall at all times
4    be installed and operated in accordance with relevant
5    requirements of this Act and technical standards of wide
6    area progressive systems.
7        (3) A wide area progressive system shall be operated
8    and administered by participating licensees in accordance
9    with the terms and conditions of a written approved policy,
10    which must be submitted in writing and approved by the
11    Board prior to implementation and must comply with this Act
12    and technical standards of wide area progressive systems.
13        (4) Approved policies must address:
14            (A) responsibility for the funding and payment of
15        all jackpots, fees, and taxes associated with the
16        operation of the wide area progressive system;
17            (B) control and operation of the computer
18        monitoring room required under paragraph (5); and
19            (C) other requirements in the technical standards
20        on wide area progressive systems.
21        (5) A wide area progressive system shall be controlled
22    and operated from a computer monitoring room. The computer
23    monitoring room must:
24            (A) be under the sole possession and control of,
25        and maintained and operated by, employees of the
26        licensee designated in the approved policy for that



10000SB0007sam003- 25 -LRB100 06307 AMC 22549 a

1        system; the employees of the licensee may be required
2        to obtain a terminal handler license if the Board
3        determines, after a review of the work being performed,
4        the employees require a license or permit for the
5        protection of the integrity of gaming;
6            (B) have its monitoring equipment subjected to
7        surveillance coverage either by the surveillance
8        system of a licensee or by a dedicated surveillance
9        system maintained by the terminal operator;
10            (C) be accessible through a locked door; the door
11        must be alarmed in a manner that audibly signals the
12        surveillance monitoring room for the surveillance
13        system elected under subparagraph (B) of this
14        paragraph (5); and
15            (D) have a computer monitoring room entry log.
16    This Section shall not be construed to impact the maximum
17wager as set forth in this Act.".