Rep. Tim Butler

Filed: 5/25/2017





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 7 on page 369, line
39, by deleting "and"; and
4on page 369, line 12, by replacing "." with "; and"; and
5on page 369, immediately below line 12, by inserting the
7        "(7) the Board may issue one owners license authorizing
8    the conduct of casino gambling in the City of
9    Springfield."; and
10on page 374, line 5, after "owner.", by inserting "An owners
11licensee authorized under paragraph (7) of subsection (e-5) of
12this Section shall limit the number of positions to 900 for
13such owner."; and
14on page 436, immediately below line 26, by inserting the



10000SB0007ham001- 2 -LRB100 06307 MJP 26860 a

2    "(b-7) After payments required under subsection (b) have
3been made from the tax revenue from the owners license
4authorizing the conduct of casino gaming in the City of
5Springfield deposited in the State Gaming Fund under this
6Section, the remainder of that tax revenue shall be paid,
7subject to appropriation by the General Assembly, as follows:
8        (1) 40% to Springfield School District 186 to be used
9    for infrastructure improvements associated with the
10    demolition and rebuilding of new schools and the renovation
11    and upgrading of existing schools within the City of
12    Springfield;
13        (2) 20% to the Illinois State Fairgrounds Foundation
14    for infrastructure improvements associated with the
15    demolition and rebuilding of State fairground facilities
16    and the renovation and upgrading of existing State
17    fairground facilities located in Sangamon County;
18        (3) 5% to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and
19    Museum Foundation for infrastructure improvements and
20    programming;
21        (4) 5% to the City of Springfield for infrastructure
22    and beautification improvements;
23        (5) 5% to the Prairie Capitol Convention Center for
24    infrastructure improvements and programming located in the
25    City of Springfield; and
26        (6) 25% percent shall be retained in the State Gaming



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1    Fund.".