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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois General Assembly wish
3to recognize and remember Frank Lloyd Wright, an American
4architect, interior designer, writer, and educator who
5designed over 1,000 structures, on his 150th birthday; and
6    WHEREAS, Frank Lloyd Wright was born Frank Lincoln Wright
7in Richland Center, Wisconsin to William Carey Wright and Anna
8Lloyd Jones on June 8, 1867; he passed away in Phoenix, Arizona
9on April 9, 1959; and
10    WHEREAS, When Frank Lloyd Wright was 14 his parents
11separated; in 1885, the divorce was finalized and he changed
12his middle name of Lincoln to Lloyd after his mother's side of
13the family; and
14    WHEREAS, Frank Lloyd Wright attended Madison High School,
15but never received a degree; he was admitted to the University
16of Wisconsin-Madison as a special student in 1886; he took
17classes part-time for two semesters and worked with a professor
18of civil engineering; he left school without a degree, but was
19granted an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from the University
20in 1955; and
21    WHEREAS, Frank Lloyd Wright moved to Chicago to seek an



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1apprenticeship with the firm of Adler & Sullivan; after two
2short interviews he became an official apprentice with the
3firm; and
4    WHEREAS, On June 1, 1889, Frank Lloyd Wright married his
5first wife, Catherine "Kitty" Lee (Tobin) Wright; he received a
6loan of $5,000 from Louis Sullivan and built his first home in
7Oak Park; he later married Maude "Miriam" Noel Wright and then
8Olgivanna Lloyd Wright; and
9    WHEREAS, Frank Lloyd Wright went on to have his own
10practice in the Schiller Building on Randolph Street in Chicago
11and took on many projects in the Chicago area; and
12    WHEREAS, Frank Lloyd Wright won the "Royal Gold Medal" in
131941 and the "AIA Gold Medal" in 1949; over the years, many of
14his structures have also received the "Twenty-five Year Award",
15which showcases buildings that set a precedent; and
16    WHEREAS, Frank Lloyd Wright was known for his unique vision
17for urban planning in the United States, including Illinois;
18his creative period spanned over 70 years; in addition to
19houses, he also designed offices, churches, schools, hotels,
20museums, and other structures; there are 13 Frank Lloyd Wright
21properties that are open to the public in Illinois; and



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1    WHEREAS, Frank Lloyd Wright has many properties open to the
2public, including the Dana-Thomas house in Springfield, the B.
3Harley Bradley House in Kankakee, the Kenneth Laurent House in
4Rockford, his home and studio, Unity Temple in Oak Park, the
5Pettit Memorial Chapel in Belvidere, the Frank L Smith Bank in
6Dwight, the Muirhead Farmhouse in Hampshire, and the Fabyan
7Villa in Geneva; therefore, be it
10CONCURRING HEREIN, that we designate the Frank Lloyd Wright
11properties that are open to the public in Illinois as part of
12the Frank Lloyd Wright Trail.