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Bills Assigned To Human Services Committee
101st General Assembly
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Bill # Sponsor ABR - Short Description Last Action Date
HB176Mary E. FlowersMEDICAID REDETERMINATIONSTo Medicaid Subcommittee2/26/2020
HB2069Thaddeus JonesSOUTH SUBURBAN TRAUMA CENTERAssigned to Human Services Committee2/18/2020
HB3245Mary E. FlowersMEDICAID-END MANAGED CARETo Medicaid Subcommittee2/26/2020
HB3662Mary E. FlowersIDPH-DIAGNOSTIC ALGORITHMAssigned to Human Services Committee2/18/2020
HB3685Aaron M. OrtizSCH CD-FAMILY RIGHTS & PRIVACYAssigned to Human Services Committee2/18/2020
HB 3685 (HCA 1)Aaron M. Ortiz House Committee Amendment No. 1 Rules Refers to Human Services Committee2/18/2020
HB3881Martin J. MoylanCANNABIS-OWNERSHIP INFORMATIONAssigned to Human Services Committee3/17/2020
HB3889La Shawn K. FordPMP-OPIOID TREATMENT PROGRAMAssigned to Human Services Committee1/28/2020
HB3897Frances Ann HurleySCH CD-SPECIAL ED-MAXIMUM AGEAssigned to Human Services Committee2/4/2020
HB3906Bob MorganCBD SAFETY ACTAssigned to Human Services Committee1/28/2020
HB3942Justin SlaughterYOUTH HOMELESS COMMISSIONAssigned to Human Services Committee3/17/2020
HB3948Robyn GabelOTC DIET PILLSAssigned to Human Services Committee1/28/2020
HB3960Kathleen WillisE-CIG YOUTH ACCESS PREVENTIONAssigned to Human Services Committee2/4/2020
HB4071La Shawn K. FordSAFER CONSUMPTION SERVICESAssigned to Human Services Committee2/18/2020
HB 4071 (HCA 1)La Shawn K. Ford House Committee Amendment No. 1 Rules Refers to Human Services Committee3/3/2020
HB4314Camille Y. LillyMEDICAID-CLINICAL TRIALSAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB4342Thomas M. BennettOPIOID TREATMENT PROGRAMAssigned to Human Services Committee2/18/2020
HB4431William DavisHEALTH FACILITIES-SANCTIONSAssigned to Human Services Committee3/3/2020
HB4490Anthony DeLucaEARLY CHILDHOOD TEACHER-QUALIFAssigned to Human Services Committee2/18/2020
HB4551Emanuel Chris WelchMEDICAID-SUPPORTIVE LIVING FACAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB4643Darren BaileyULTRASOUND OPPORTUNITY ACTAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB4673Terra Costa HowardCHILD CARE ACT-HOST HOMESAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB4681Marcus C. Evans, Jr.KRATOM CONSUMER PROTECTIONAssigned to Human Services Committee2/18/2020
HB4749Deb ConroyPATIENT RIGHTS-RECORDSAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB4755Monica BristowHIGHER ED-GRANT-PSYCHIATRISTAssigned to Human Services Committee3/3/2020
HB4798Maurice A. West, IIAGING-EMERGENCY HOME RESPONSEAssigned to Human Services Committee2/25/2020
HB4801William DavisDHS-CHILD CARE-ELIGIBILITYAssigned to Human Services Committee3/3/2020
HB4818Sonya M. HarperADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICESAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB4868Maurice A. West, IINURSING HOME CARE-RECORDSAssigned to Human Services Committee2/25/2020
HB 4868 (HCA 1)Maurice A. West, II House Committee Amendment No. 1 Rules Refers to Human Services Committee3/3/2020
HB4874Barbara HernandezSNAP-FEMININE HYGIENE PRODUCTSAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB4908Deb ConroyEARLY INTERVENTION SERVICESAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB4923Norine K. HammondNURSING HOME CARE-STAFFINGAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB4962Katie StuartAGING-SUSPICIOUS DEATH REPORTSAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB4991Dan BradyEMS SYSTEMS-AMBULANCE DRIVERAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB5001Will GuzzardiHIGHER ED-CHILD CARE RESOURCESAssigned to Human Services Committee3/3/2020
HB5005Lindsey LaPointeIDPH-PRESCRIPT DRUG REPOSITORYAssigned to Human Services Committee3/17/2020
HB5027John M. CabelloSTUDENT SAFETY ACTAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB5086LaToya GreenwoodHOSPITALS-POSTINGSAssigned to Human Services Committee3/17/2020
HB5132Aaron M. OrtizHOSPITALS-EXECUTIVE SALARIESAssigned to Human Services Committee3/17/2020
HB5158Natalie A. ManleyPUB AID-FUNERAL SRVS EXEMPTIONAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB5185Lamont J. Robinson, Jr.DCEO-GRANT DIVERSITY DATABASEAssigned to Human Services Committee3/17/2020
HB5187Lamont J. Robinson, Jr.HIV/AIDS RESPONSE-LATINXAssigned to Human Services Committee3/17/2020
HB5233Grant WehrliMENTAL HEALTH-TRANSFER NOTICEAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB5241Stephanie A. KifowitVOUCHER RESPITE PROGRAMAssigned to Human Services Committee3/3/2020
HB5257Lamont J. Robinson, Jr.HOSPITALS-NURSING-LEGIONNAIRESAssigned to Human Services Committee3/17/2020
HB5260Debbie Meyers-MartinMEALS ON WHEELS-INFO PACKSAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB5278Emanuel Chris WelchSTATE POLICE-SCHOOL HELPLINEAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB5283Chris MillerNO TAXPAYER FUNDING ABORTIONAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB5287Joe SosnowskiSNAP-ADULT EDUCATION REQUIREAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB5316Natalie A. ManleyDHFS-PERSONAL NEEDS ALLOWANCEAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB5347Jawaharial WilliamsHOSPITALS-FINANCIAL COUNSELORAssigned to Human Services Committee3/17/2020
HB5452Anne Stava-MurrayDAY CARE-APPLICATION FEESAssigned to Human Services Committee3/17/2020
HB5485Bradley StephensFIRST RESPONDER-PTSDAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB5506Barbara HernandezREPRODUCTIVE FACT ACTAssigned to Human Services Committee3/17/2020
HB5510Gregory HarrisPRIOR AUTHORIZATION REFORM ACTAssigned to Human Services Committee2/25/2020
HB5514Joe SosnowskiCHILD CARE-DAY CARE EXEMPTIONAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB5571Maurice A. West, IINURSING HOME-INFORMED CONSENTAssigned to Human Services Committee3/17/2020
HB5602Frances Ann HurleyMHDD-DATA COLLECTION FORMATAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB5607Martin J. MoylanIDPH-CORONAVIRUS STUDYAssigned to Human Services Committee3/17/2020
HB5648Michelle MussmanDHS-DISABILITY SERVICESAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HB5656Jonathan "Yoni" PizerINSURANCE-ABORTION COVERAGEAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
HR559Stephanie A. KifowitPULMONARY HYPERTENSION MONTHAssigned to Human Services Committee3/3/2020
HR 647 (HCA 1)Maurice A. West, II House Committee Amendment No. 1 Rules Refers to Human Services Committee2/25/2020
HR649David A. WelterDOMESTIC VIOLENCE LEGISLATIONAssigned to Human Services Committee2/25/2020
HR672Barbara HernandezCENSUS INFO-SPANISHAssigned to Human Services Committee2/25/2020
HR691Carol AmmonsEND OF LIFE RESOURCES-EDUCATEAssigned to Human Services Committee2/25/2020
HR701Theresa MahCERVICAL HEALTH MONTHAssigned to Human Services Committee2/25/2020
HR716Carol AmmonsWORLD CHOLANGIOCARCINOMA DAYAssigned to Human Services Committee2/25/2020
HR745Lindsey LaPointeTECHNOLOGY FIRST COUNCILAssigned to Human Services Committee2/25/2020
HJR116Frances Ann HurleyIL ABLE PROGRAM-SUPPORTAssigned to Human Services Committee3/12/2020
* indicates a special session bill