Illinois General Assembly - Representative Committees
Illinois General Assembly

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Representative Elizabeth Coulson (R), 17th District
Committee Code Chairman Members Current Bills
Aging HAGI Kevin Joyce (D)MembersBills
Approp-Elementary & Secondary Educ HAPE Michael K. Smith (D)MembersBills
Appropriations-Human Services HAPH Sara Feigenholtz (D)MembersBills
Committee of the Whole HCWL Gary Hannig (D)MembersBills
Fee-For-Service Initiatives HFEE Barbara Flynn Currie (D),
Lee A. Daniels (R),
William Delgado (D),
Sara Feigenholtz (D)
Financial Institutions HFIN Mike Boland (D)MembersBills
Human Services HHSV William Delgado (D)MembersBills
KidCare Subcommittee HHSV-HKID William Delgado (D),
Robert Rita (D)
Registration & Regulation HREG Angelo Saviano (R)MembersBills
Residential Services for Persons HFEE-RSPM Julie Hamos (D)MembersBills