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Illinois General Assembly

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Representative Richard P. Myers (R), 94th District - 93rd General Assembly
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB352Richard P. MyersVEH CD-SEAT SAFETY BELT FINESHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB758Richard P. MyersSTATE BOARD OF EDUCATION-TECHHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 93-09348/13/2004
HB2105Richard P. MyersEDUCATION-TECHHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 93-00045/2/2003
HB2190Richard P. MyersSCH CD-CONSOLIDATED ELECTIONHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB2415Richard P. MyersUCC-GUARANTEED PREPAYMENT AGRHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB2782Richard P. MyersSCH CD-REGIONAL SUP-RESIDENCEHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB2884Richard P. MyersHIGH ED-INCREASE MAP GRANT AMTHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB3002Richard P. MyersNURS HM-PRIVACY OF RECORDSHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB3056Richard P. MyersHIGHER EDUCATION-TECHHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB3311Richard P. MyersFOOD-ALLERGY-NOTICEHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB3606Richard P. MyersPEN CD-TRS-MILITARY CREDITHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB4717Richard P. MyersCIRCUIT BREAKER-EPILEPSYHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB4718Richard P. MyersCOUNTY JAIL-MEDICAL EXPENSESHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB4853Richard P. MyersFAMILIES-TECHHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB4854Richard P. MyersCOUNTY JAIL-LONG-TERM CAREHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB5153Richard P. MyersOPEN PAROLE HEARINGS-NOTICEHTabled By Sponsor Rep. Richard P. Myers3/2/2004
HB5214Richard P. MyersMARRIAGE ACT-JOINT CUSTODYHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB6057Richard P. MyersECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT-TECHHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB6289Richard P. MyersCIVIL PROCEDURE-TECHHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB6627Richard P. MyersHIGHER ED-PRIVATIZE DORMSHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB6628Richard P. MyersUSE/OCC TAX-TEXTBOOKS-HIGHR EDHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB6711Richard P. MyersFOOD-ALLERGY-NOTICEHTabled By Sponsor Rep. Richard P. Myers3/2/2004
HB6909Richard P. MyersHIGHER EDUCATION-WIU-TECHHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB6926Richard P. MyersINCOME TX-ARMED SERVICE CREDITHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB6928Richard P. MyersPROP TAX-DUE DATE-ARMD SERVICEHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HB6941Richard P. MyersDEPT REV-FARMLAND ASSESSMENTHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
HR153Richard P. MyersCONGRATS HANCOCK COUNTY HEALTHHResolution Adopted by Voice Vote3/27/2003
HR154Richard P. MyersCONGRATS HENDERSON CNTY HEALTHHResolution Adopted by Voice Vote3/27/2003
HR238Richard P. MyersCONGRATS MAYOR T C CARPERHResolution Adopted by Voice Vote4/30/2003
HR328Richard P. MyersCONGRATS LAMOINE VALLEY BOARDHResolution Adopted by Voice Vote5/16/2003
HR1026Richard P. MyersCONGRATS CITY OF HAMILTONHResolution Adopted by Voice Vote5/31/2004
HR1027Richard P. MyersCONGRATS CITY OF BUSHNELLHResolution Adopted by Voice Vote5/31/2004
HR1137Richard P. MyersCONGRATS TODD HAMILTONHResolution Adopted by Voice Vote7/24/2004
HR1270Richard P. MyersMEMORIAL JOSHUA D PALMERHResolution Adopted1/10/2005
HR1288Richard P. MyersMEMORIAL CHARLES E MCCHESNEYHResolution Adopted1/10/2005
HJR46Richard P. MyersENDORSES AMTRAK 04 FUNDINGHSession Sine Die1/11/2005
SB1535John M. SullivanRURAL TECHNLGY ENTERPRISE ZONESSession Sine Die1/11/2005
SB1853Denny JacobsRIVER CONVRNCY DIST-TAX-HEARNGSSession Sine Die1/11/2005