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Representative Luis Arroyo (D), 3rd District - 101st General Assembly
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB58Luis Arroyo$COURT OF CLAIMS-TECHHSession Sine Die1/13/2021
HB124Luis ArroyoGOVERNMENT-TECHHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 101-03748/16/2019
HB143Luis ArroyoFINANCE-TECHHSession Sine Die1/13/2021
HB2624Luis ArroyoMWRD-DISTRICTING & ELECTIONHSession Sine Die1/13/2021
HB2625Luis ArroyoCIR COURTS-COOK SUBCIRCUITSHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 101-04778/23/2019
HB2626Luis ArroyoROAD CONSTRUCTION BIDSHSession Sine Die1/13/2021
HB2713Luis ArroyoENERGY EFFICIENCY MEASURESHSession Sine Die1/13/2021
HB2916Luis ArroyoCONTRACT PROMPT PAY RETAINAGEHSession Sine Die1/13/2021
HB3046Luis ArroyoSTATE GOVERNMENT-TECHHSession Sine Die1/13/2021
HB3047Luis ArroyoVEH CD-VETERAN PARKING SPACEHSession Sine Die1/13/2021
HB3419Luis ArroyoCONTRACTS FRAUD-LAND TITLEHSession Sine Die1/13/2021
HB3421Luis ArroyoCD CORR-CONDITION REVOCATIONHSession Sine Die1/13/2021
HB3441Luis ArroyoCD CORR-PAROLE CONDITIONSHSession Sine Die1/13/2021
HB3443Luis ArroyoINFRASTRUCTURE DESIGN BUILDHSession Sine Die1/13/2021
HB3444Luis ArroyoCRIMINAL LAW-TECHHSession Sine Die1/13/2021
HB3626Luis ArroyoHIGHER ED-LEGISLATIVE GRANTSHSession Sine Die1/13/2021
HB3844Luis ArroyoCHICAGO TRANSIT-TRAIN CREWHSession Sine Die1/13/2021
HB3895Luis ArroyoBUSINESS ENTERPRISE-BUSINESSHSession Sine Die1/13/2021
HB3911Luis ArroyoCOMMUTER RAIL BOARD DIRECTORSHSession Sine Die1/13/2021
HR115Luis ArroyoABOLISH FEDERAL JONES ACTHResolution Adopted5/30/2019
HR216Luis ArroyoSCHAAF-YANG AWARENESS MONTHHResolution Adopted as Amended5/30/2019
SB1636John G. MulroeCONTRACT PROMPT PAY RETAINAGESPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 101-04328/20/2019