Section 1060.50  School Locations and Facilities


a)         Each driver training school must comply with IVC Section 6-409.  In addition, the branch classroom shall be identified as such by a permanent sign which indicates the location of the main office and classroom and which is reasonably visible to the general public from outside the branch classroom.


b)         The established place of business of each driver training school shall comply with IVC Section 6-406 and, in addition:


1)         The main office and each branch office shall have a minimum of 150 square feet of office space;


2)         Each school facility must post, in a conspicuous place, on or near the permanent school sign, the days and regular hours, on file with the Secretary of State, when open.  A school shall not be deemed open for business unless at least one authorized representative of the school is present; and


3)         The main office and each branch office of the driver training school may be in the same building with another business, providing the other business being conducted is legal and that the business has its own entrance.


c)         The established place of business or branch office, branch classroom or advertised address of any driver training school shall comply with all restrictions contained in IVC Section 6-405(b).


d)         Each established main office and branch office facility must maintain a place of business which shall be open to the general public during posted hours on file with the Secretary of State, a minimum of 8 hours per week.  The 8 hours must be on Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.


e)         The classroom facility shall contain the following:


1)         Sufficient seating facilities and writing surfaces for students;


2)         Charts, diagrams, traffic control devices, or pictures relating to the operation of motor vehicles and traffic laws;


3)         Blackboards or other forms of illustrative devices which are visible from all seating areas;


4)         Textbooks, reference books and pamphlets relating to the proper operation of motor vehicles and traffic laws;


5)         Adequate fire extinguishers in operable condition as required pursuant to IVC Section 6-406(c).


f)         Each main classroom or branch classroom shall have:


1)         a minimum of 300 square feet of classroom space and the main classroom shall be within close proximity of the main office facility;


2)         installed a heating and ventilating system adequate to maintain a comfortable room temperature for the occupants;


3)         installed an adequate lighting system so as to provide sufficient lighting for the occupants.


g)         A driver training school that has an established place of business and a main classroom facility may operate a branch classroom, provided it meets all requirements of the main classroom.


1)         Upon receipt by the Department of a written request to open a branch classroom or branch office, an authorized representative of the Department shall inspect the branch office or branch classroom, and, if it complies with the provisions of IVC Section 6-406(e) and this Part, the Department shall issue the appropriate license, which must be displayed in a visibly prominent place in the branch facility.


2)         When a branch facility is to be closed, the driver training school shall return the branch facility's license to the Secretary of State in a timely manner.


(Source:  Amended at 42 Ill. Reg. 16056, effective August 3, 2018)