Section 1110.140  Grant Agreement


a)         The Grant Agreement serves as the formal statement of mutual expectations between the Administrator and the Grantee.  The Grant Agreement is a combination service plan and budget.  It identifies what services will be provided or procured, to what target population, and within what geographical area.


b)         The term of the agreement shall be July 1 to June 30 unless a different term is specified in the Grant Agreement, unless sooner terminated as provided in Section 1110.160.  Payments under the Grant Agreement will be made quarterly.  Grant Agreements and payments are subject to the continued availability of appropriated funds.


c)         Those sections of the Grantee's proposal describing services to be provided (as required by Section 1110.40(d)) that the Administrator has accepted shall be incorporated into the Grant Agreement.


d)         Modification of Program

The Grantee shall not change, modify, revise, alter, amend, or delete any part of the services it has agreed to provide in the Grant Agreement without first obtaining the written consent of the Administrator in the form of a Supplemental Agreement.


1)         When the Grantee has in good faith attempted to comply with the service provisions of the Grant Agreement, but for unforeseen circumstances was not able to comply with the Grant Agreement, the Administrator will consider a Supplemental Agreement. 


2)         Procedures for a Supplemental Agreement


A)        The Grantee shall submit to the Administrator the following:


i)          A written explanation of the circumstances, detailing the good faith attempts to comply with the service provisions of the Grant Agreement;


ii)         A proposed solution; and


iii)        A request for a Supplemental Agreement.


B)        The Administrator will grant the request if the request is consistent with the original intent of the agency's application and services to victims and witnesses and the expense is allowable under Section 1110.110(a).


C)        The Administrator will prepare a Supplemental Agreement to be  signed by both parties if:


i)          The Administrator approves the Grantee's request and proposed solution;


ii)         The Administrator proposes its own solution that is acceptable to the Grantee; or


iii)        The parties agree on a solution.


D)        The Administrator will notify the Grantee in writing of the denial of a request for modification of the program.


e)         Modification of Budget


1)         The Grantee has the responsibility to identify instances when funds cannot be expended in accordance with the Grant Agreement Project Budget and to seek reallocation of those funds prior to the expiration of the Grant Agreement.


2)         The Grantee must utilize one of the following options in order to reallocate funds.


A)        The Grantee may reallocate amounts less than $1,000 of the grant funds to existing line items in the approved budget in the Grant Agreement.  The Grantee must note the reallocation in the reporting forms.


B)        If the Grantee wishes to reallocate amounts less than $1,000 of the grant funds to an expense that creates a new line item in the approved budget, the Grantee must submit to the Administrator a written request and explanation for reallocation.


C)        If the Grantee wishes to reallocate amounts of $1,000 or more of grant funds, the Grantee must submit to the Administrator a written request and explanation for the reallocation.


D)        The Administrator shall grant a reallocation of funds when it determines that funds will be used for allowable expenses consistent with the funded services.


E)        The Administrator shall inform the Grantee within 30 days after receipt of a request, if the request is not approved.