Section 1110.110  Allowable and Non-allowable Expenses


The Administrator provides funds for services offered by public and non-profit agencies as specified in this Section, but will not be the sole funding source for any Grantee.  The Administrator will only provide funds to programs for the purpose of funding certain items of expense as set forth in this Section.


a)         The following expenditures are the only allowable expenses for which grant funds may be used:


1)         Salaries and fringe benefits for Grantee employees who are attorneys licensed to practice law in Illinois, as well as for advocates and paralegals;


2)         Contractual services from attorneys licensed to practice law in Illinois, advocates and paralegals;


3)         Equipment that is rented or leased for program use;


4)         General office expenses;


5)         Travel expenses and transportation costs for staff and clients;  


6)         Court fees, evidence-related costs, and research and documentation costs;


7)         Printed or promotional materials used for informational purposes or to publicize the program.  All printed materials paid for, in whole or part, with funds provided pursuant to the Grant Agreement shall include a statement that they were printed with support from the Illinois Attorney General's Office and that the views and statements expressed in those materials do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Attorney General of the State of Illinois. 


b)         In particular, the following expenditures are among those for which grant funds may not be used, notwithstanding the potential applicability of subsection (a):


1)         The expense of researching issues and programs and collecting statistics;


2)         Compensation to an agency board member other than payment of fair value for services rendered to the agency in a capacity other than board member;


3)         Individual or agency association dues or costs of attending professional meetings;


4)         The use, or reimbursement for use, of agency- or privately-owned automotive equipment by staff for personal business or non-work-related transportation;


5)         The expense of fund-raising activities;


6)         Donations of cash or in-kind services to charities, other organizations and individuals;


7)         The repayment of any of the principal amount of, and the payment of interest on, any loan;


8)         Lease-purchase agreements for items of equipment;


9)         The cost of office space or other buildings;


10)         The cost of developing supply inventories;


11)         Any expense incurred by a Grantee for the sale of goods or services;


12)         Reimbursement of expenses that have been funded by a grant from another funding source;


13)         Contributions to a contingency reserve or any similar provision for unforeseen events.