Section 408.120  Records and Reports


a)         A facility shall maintain a record file on the children enrolled.


1)         A written application for admission of each child shall be on file with the signature of the parent or guardian.


2)         An alphabetic card file or register on each child shall be maintained and shall include:  


A)        Name, date of birth, and sex;


B)        Date of admission and discharge;


C)        Scheduled days and hours of care;


D)        Names of parents or guardians, home address and business address and telephone numbers, marital status, and the working hours of the parents or guardians;


E)        Name, address and telephone number of child's physician (or other person designated by parents who object to medical treatment on religious grounds);


F)         Names, addresses and telephone numbers of others authorized to pick up the child;


G)        Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of others to contact within the immediate area if parents or guardian cannot be contacted in case of emergency; and


H)        Information regarding the child's personal development, habits, medical needs, and other information critical to the child's well-being.


3)         There shall be signed consent forms from the parent or guardian including:  


A)        Permission for emergency medical care and treatment if the parent is not readily available.


B)        Permission to administer medication, if applicable.


C)        Permission for someone other than parent or guardian to pick up child if necessary.


D)        Visits, trips or excursions off the premises.


E)        Transportation provided by caregiver.


F)         Permission to use the facility's swimming pool, if applicable.


4)         Accidents or illnesses which have occurred to the child at the facility shall be recorded in the file.  When a child is not permitted to attend the facility because of an accident or illness, the date of readmission to the facility shall be recorded.


5)         All required health and medical reports as required by Section 408.70.


6)         A statement signed by the parents or guardian indicating receipt of a summary of licensing standards and other materials as required by subsection (c) shall be in the child's record file.


b)         A facility shall maintain accurate daily attendance records on all children enrolled.  If a child attends on a part-time or irregular basis, this shall be recorded in the attendance record.


c)         The facility shall distribute a summary of the licensing standards, provided by the Department, to the parents or guardian of each child at the time that the child is accepted for care in the facility.  In addition, consumer information materials provided by the Department including, but not limited to, information on reporting and prevention of child abuse and neglect and preventing and reporting communicable disease, shall be distributed to the parents or guardian of each child cared for when designated for such distribution by the Department.  Each child's record shall contain a statement signed by the child's parent or guardian, indicating that they have received a summary of licensing standards and other materials designated by the Department for such distribution.


d)         The group day care home shall enter in the child's record and orally report immediately to the child's parent, guardian, and the Department any serious occurrences involving children.  Oral reports shall be confirmed in writing within 2 working days of the occurrence.  If the home is unable to contact the parent, guardian or Department immediately, it shall document this fact in the child's record.  These occurrences include serious accident or injury requiring extensive medical care or hospitalization; death; arrest; alleged abuse or neglect; major fire or other emergency situations.


e)         Suspected child abuse or neglect shall be reported immediately to the Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline as required by the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act.  The telephone number for the reporting hotline is 1-800-252-2873.


f)         The caregiver shall immediately notify the Department of the death of any child at the facility; a child is missing from the group day care home; any illness or injury of a child resulting in medical treatment or hospitalization, and any known or suspected case or carrier or a reportable contagious, infectious, or communicable disease among children, staff or members of the household.


g)         The caregiver shall immediately notify the Department of any natural disaster or other occurrence resulting in the loss of or damage to physical plant or equipment required to operate the group day care home in accordance with this Part.


h)         Records shall be maintained on all staff and shall contain all pertinent information relative to character, suitability, and qualifications for the position; health; 3character references verified by the group day care home; history of employment for the previous 5 years; date of employment by the group day care home; and, if applicable, date and reasons for separation from the day care home.


i)          The caregiver shall make available to staff a current and complete copy of the licensing standards in a location readily accessible to staff.  Further, the licensee shall maintain a record signed by staff indicating that they have reviewed the licensing standards and any subsequent changes to those standards provided to the licensee by the Department.  Records documenting compliance with this requirement shall be maintained by the licensee and available for licensing review.


j)          When the licensed day care home is cited for one or more substantiated violations of licensing standards by the supervising agency, the caregiver shall prominently display in the home the list of violations and the corrective plan, on a form provided by the supervising agency.  The caregiver shall keep the form posted until a licensing representative has verified in writing that every violation on that form has been corrected.


k)         Each staff person shall sign a statement prescribed by the Department acknowledging his or her status as a mandated reporter of child abuse or neglect under the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act and acknowledging he or she has knowledge and understanding of the reporting requirements under that Act.  Such statement shall be signed and dated by the staff person prior to employment, and shall be maintained by the licensee.


l)          The facility shall maintain and submit reports on staff to the Department on forms provided by the Department.


1)         An individual report on each new employee shall be filed with the Department; a copy of this report shall be kept at the facility.


2)         All staff changes shall be reported to the Department immediately.


3)         Copies of documentation of medical information, verification of educational achievement, and character references of employees shall be provided upon request by the Department.


m)        The facility shall promptly report any known or suspected case or carrier of communicable disease to local health authorities, and shall comply with the Illinois Department of Public Health's rules for the Control of Communicable Diseases (77 Ill. Adm. Code 690).


n)         Authorized Department licensing representatives or other Department representatives who have the Director's written authorization which specifies the statutory authority or administrative rule under which the access is granted shall have access to records and reports.  All persons who have access to the records and reports shall respect their confidential nature.


o)         A medical record for each child, on forms provided by the Department, shall be maintained at the facility, dated no earlier than 6 months prior to enrollment, and signed by the examining physician, an advance practice nurse who has a written collaborative agreement with a collaborating physician that authorizes the advance practice nurse to perform health examinations, a physician assistant who has been delegated the performance of health examinations by the supervising physician; or the medical record is certified by a recognized health facility.


p)         The licensee shall notify the supervising agency within one week, in writing, of any changes to the household composition.  Changes that require notification include the addition of any new person into the home, the return of any former household member, or the departure of any household member.


q)         The licensee shall keep a record of dates and hours worked by the substitute caregiver while the licensee is absent from the group day care home, as required in 89 Ill. Adm. Code 408.55(a).


r)          The licensee shall maintain records required for fire safety in accordance with Section 408.30. Fire safety records include monthly fire drill reports, monthly fire safety inspections conducted by the licensee, and the log of daily inspections by the licensee to ensure that exit routes are kept clear.


(Source:  Amended at 34 Ill. Reg. 18411, effective December 15, 2010)