Section 408.45  Caregivers


a)         The caregiver is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the group day care home in accordance with the standards prescribed in this Part.


b)         The caregiver or a designated child care assistant meeting the requirements of this Section shall be at the group day care home at all times that the group day care home is in operation, except when transporting children or accompanying them on field trips.


c)         The caregivers in a group day care home shall be at least 21 years of age.


d)         The caregivers shall have a high school diploma or equivalency certificate.


e)         In addition to meeting the requirements of Sections 408.35 and 408.40 the caregiver in a group day home shall have achieved:  


1)         One year (1560 clock hours) child development experience in a licensed day care home, nursery school, kindergarten, or licensed day care center plus 6 semester or equivalent quarter hours in courses related directly to child care and/or child development from an accredited college or university;


2)         One year (30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours) of credit from an accredited college or university with 6 semester or equivalent quarter hours related directly to child care and/or child development; or


3)         Completion of a credentialing program approved in accordance with Appendix F.


f)         The caregivers shall complete 15 clock hours of in-service training per licensing year in accordance with the requirements in Appendix G.


1)         The training may be derived from programs offered by any of the entities identified in Appendix G.


2)         Courses or workshops to meet this requirement include, but are not limited to, those listed in Appendix G.


3)         Licensees shall submit to the local licensing office a certificate of completion of lead safety training consisting of instruction in the following topics:


A)        Mitigation plan strategies for test results of 2.01 ppb or above; and


B)        Impact of lead exposure.


g)         Caregivers obtaining clock hours of training in excess of the required 15 clock hours per year may apply up to 5 clock hours to the next year's training requirements.


h)         The records of the group day care home shall document the continuing education in which the caregiver has participated, and these records shall be available for review by the Department.


i)          Through interaction with the licensing representative, children, parents or guardian of children in care and operation of the group day care home in accordance with standards prescribed by this Part, caregivers shall exhibit competence in the following specific areas:


1)         Knowledge of basic hygiene, safety, and nutrition;


2)         The ability to relate comfortably with parents and to communicate with them on differences in caregiving methods, values, and goals;


3)         The ability to communicate with children;


4)         The ability to set realistic controls for children and to enforce these without harshness or physical abuse;


5)         Knowledge of the children's need to explore and manipulate and the willingness to provide and maintain a home where children can enjoy living and learning; and


6)         Using developmentally appropriate behavior management techniques that do not constitute corporal punishment of children.


j)          The caregivers shall be responsible for the planning and supervision of the program and activities of the children; orienting child care assistants and substitutes to the operation of the group day care home; on-site supervision of child care assistants; and in-service training totaling a minimum of 15 clock hours per year for the child care assistants. Orientation and training may be provided by the primary caregivers or outside resource persons and shall include recognizing and reporting child abuse or neglect, licensing standards prescribed by this Part, first aid, health and sanitation, fire prevention and safety procedures, special health, developmental, or nutritional needs of children cared for in the group day care home.


k)         The caregivers may not work or be employed outside the home during the hours that child care is being provided.  This restriction does not apply to spouses qualifying as caregivers, provided one of them is in the home during the hours that child care is being provided.  Outside employment during hours that child care is not being provided shall not interfere with child care.


l)          The caregiver shall be awake, alert, and able to supervise the children when providing care, except as allowed by Section 408.115.


(Source:  Amended at 43 Ill. Reg. 265, effective January 1, 2019)