Section 407.50  Application for License


a)         The application for license shall be completed by the officers of the governing body of the day care center, or its authorized representative, on forms prescribed and furnished by the Department.


b)         Only complete applications shall be processed.  Incomplete or unsigned applications shall be returned for completion and signature.  For the application to be considered complete, the following shall be attached to the application form:


1)         Articles of incorporation and by-laws, if incorporated, indicating that the center's corporate status is in good standing with the Illinois Secretary of State;


2)         Statement of purposes and policies as required by Section 407.250(c);


3)         List of officers, board members and committees of the governing body;


4)         Annual operating budget showing anticipated expenses and income (required in original application only);


5)         Staffing plan that includes job descriptions and the qualifications of the staff;


6)         Written delegation of administrative authority as required by Section 407.70(b);


7)         A list of persons subject to the background check requirements of 89 Ill. Adm. Code 385 (Background Checks) and each person's complete, signed authorization to conduct the background check;


8)         Effective January 1, 2014, as part of an initial application, the Department shall require proof the center has been tested within the last 3 years for radon by a Radon Measurement Professional licensed by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (see 32 Ill. Adm. Code 422) [225 ILCS 10/5.8]; 


9)         Lead testing results and mitigation plans when required by Section 407.370(i) and (j).


10)        Applicants shall submit with their initial application a certificate of completion of lead safety training consisting of instruction in the following topics:


A)        Mitigation plans for test results of 2.01 ppb or above; and


B)        Impact of lead exposure.


c)         Applications submitted on or after September 1, 2012 shall include proof of membership in the Gateways to Opportunity Registry by all staff and assistants and by the director of the facility with all their educational and training requirements entered into the registry.


d)         Upon receipt of a complete, signed application for a license, the Department shall conduct a license study in order to determine that the day care center meets licensing standards.  The licensing study shall be in writing and shall be reviewed and signed by the licensing supervisor and the licensing representative performing the study.  The applicant shall receive a copy of the license study upon written request and payment of copying costs.


e)         A new application shall be filed:


1)         When an application for license has been withdrawn, and the center seeks to reapply;


2)         When there is a change of address of the day care center;


3)         When there is a change of name, ownership or corporate status of the center.


f)         If the Department has revoked or refused to renew the license of a day care center and the former licensee or ⅓ or more of the members of its governing body seek to reapply for license, it may do so if at least 12 months have passed since the effective date of the revocation or refusal to renew.  If a new license is granted, the Department shall impose provisions on the new license for a minimum of 2 years, notwithstanding any other provisions of this Part.  The denial of a reapplication for a license pursuant to this subsection must be supported by evidence that the prior revocation renders the applicant unqualified or incapable of satisfying the standards and rules promulgated by the Department pursuant to the Child Care Act of 1969, or maintaining a facility which adheres to such standards and rules. [225 ILCS 10/6(c)]


g)         The Department must approve that the facility is in reasonable compliance with the licensing standards before the day care center changes its operations regarding the number or ages of children served.


(Source:  Amended at 43 Ill. Reg. 224, effective January 1, 2019)