Section 406.24  Records and Reports


a)         Records as required by this Part shall be maintained and available for review by the Department.


b)         Information about the child and family shall be confidential as required by Section 406.25.


c)         There shall be a record of identifying information as required in Section 406.12(b)(3) on each child received at the time the child is accepted into the home.


d)         A medical report for each child, on forms provided by the Department, shall be maintained at the facility, dated no earlier than 6 months prior to enrollment, and signed by the examining physician, an advanced practice nurse who has a written collaborative agreement with a collaborating physician that authorizes the advance practice nurse to perform health examinations, or a physician assistant who has been delegated the performance of health examinations by the supervising physician; or certified by a recognized health facility.


1)         The medical report shall be valid for 2 years except that subsequent exams for school age children shall be in accordance with the Illinois School Code requirements, provided that copies of the exam are on file at the facility.


2)         If a child is in a high risk group, as determined by the examining physician, a tuberculin test shall be included in the initial exam and when the child enters elementary and secondary school.


3)         The reports shall indicate that the child has been immunized as required by Rules and Regulations of the Illinois Department of Public Health for immunizations.  These required immunizations are poliomyelitis, measles, rubella, diphtheria, mumps, pertussis, tetanus, hepatitis B, haemophilus influenza B, and varicella (chickenpox) or provide proof of immunity according to requirements in 77 Ill. Adm. Code 695.50 of the Department of Public Health.


4)         The report shall include a statement on any physical limitations.


5)         Exceptions made for children who for medical reasons should not be subjected to immunizations or a tuberculin test shall be so indicated by the physician on the child's medical form.


e)         There shall be signed consent forms from the parent or guardian including:


1)         Permission for emergency medical care and treatment if the parent is not readily available.


2)         Permission to administer medication, if applicable.


3)         Permission for someone other than parent or guardian to pick up child if necessary.


4)         Visits, trips or excursions off the premises.


5)         Transportation provided by caregiver and caregiver assistant, if applicable.


6)         Permission to use the facility's swimming pool, if applicable.


f)         The caregiver shall distribute a summary of the licensing standards, provided by the Department, to the parents or guardian of each child at the time that the child is accepted for care in the home.  In addition, consumer information materials provided by the Department, including, but not limited to, information on reporting and prevention of child abuse and neglect and preventing and reporting communicable disease, shall be distributed to the parents or guardian of each child cared for when designated for such distribution by the Department.  Each child's record shall contain a statement signed by the child's parents or guardian, indicating that they have received a summary of licensing standards and other materials designated by the Department for such distribution.


g)         When the licensed day care home is cited for one or more substantiated violations of licensing standards by the supervising agency, the caregiver shall prominently display in the home the list of violations and the corrective plan, on a form provided by the supervising agency.  The caregiver shall keep the form posted until a licensing representative has verified in writing that every violation on that form has been corrected.


h)         In accordance with the Child Care Act of 1969, a parent may request that immunizations, physical examinations, and/or medical treatment be waived on religious grounds.  A request for waiver shall be in writing, signed by the parent, and kept in the child's record.


i)          Members of the household, regular substitutes, and assistants shall have a complete physical examination.  The medical reports shall be submitted on forms provided by the Department.


1)         The report shall be based on an examination that occurred no earlier than 6 months prior to application, with a tuberculin test to be included in the initial exam only.  If the skin test is positive, a chest x-ray is required.


2)         Immunizations and the tuberculin test for an infant shall be given at the discretion of the physician.


3)         The caregivers and assistants shall be found free of communicable diseases and shall be physically and emotionally fit to care for young children.


j)          The medical report for caregivers, regular substitutes, and assistants shall be valid for 3 years.


k)         Evidence of freedom from communicable disease or illness may be required at any time for members of the household, regular substitutes and assistants.


l)          Suspected child abuse and/or neglect shall be reported immediately to the  Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline as required by the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act.  The telephone number for the reporting hotline is 1-800-252-2873.


m)        The licensee and each staff person shall sign a statement prescribed by the Department acknowledging his or her status as a mandated reporter of child abuse or neglect under the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act and acknowledging he or she has knowledge and understanding of the reporting requirements under that Act. The statement shall be signed and dated by the staff person prior to employment, and shall be maintained by the licensee.


n)         The supervising agency shall be notified immediately by telephone, and in writing within one week, if any of the following situations involving children occurs at the facility:


1)         Accident or injury resulting in death or requiring emergency medical care;


2)         A child is missing from the day care home; or


3)         Notice is received of legal action against the facility.


o)         The facility shall promptly report any known or suspected case or carrier of communicable disease to the supervising agency and to local health authorities, and shall comply with the Illinois Department of Public Health's rules for the Control of Communicable Diseases (77 Ill. Adm. Code 690).


p)         The supervising agency shall be notified immediately by telephone, and in writing within one week, of fires or other incidents resulting in structural damage to the day care home.  A supervisory visit will be conducted by the supervising agency to determine the safety of the licensed premises in conformance with the other provisions of this Part.


q)         The licensee shall notify the supervising agency within one week, in writing, of any changes to the household composition.  Changes that require notification include the addition of any new person into the home, the return of any former household member, or the departure of any household member.


r)          The licensee shall keep a record of dates and hours worked by the substitute caregiver while the licensee is absent from the day care home per Section 406.11(a).


s)         The licensee shall maintain records required for fire safety in accordance with Section 406.8.  Fire safety records include monthly fire drill reports, monthly fire safety inspections conducted by the licensee, and the log of daily inspections by the licensee to ensure that exit routes are kept clear.


(Source:  Amended at 34 Ill. Reg. 18358, effective December 15, 2010)