Section 406.23 Night Care


a) A day care home receiving children for night care shall comply with the standards prescribed for day care homes in addition to the special requirements prescribed in this Section.


b) A child is considered enrolled in evening and/or night care when a majority of his or her time at the day care home occurs between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.


c) The child shall be bathed, if needed.


d) No child under 5 years of age is to be left unattended while in the bathtub.


e) Each child must have individual sleeping garments that are clean and comfortable.


f) An individual bed, crib, or cot and individual linen and bedding shall be provided for each child except as provided in this subsection (f):


1) A double bed shall be the minimum size for sleeping 2 non-enuretic children of the same sex.


2) Rubber sheets or suitable substitutes shall be supplied when necessary.


3) If a crib is used there shall be no more than 1 inches of space between the mattress and bed frame when the mattress is pushed flush at one corner of the crib.


4) Unrelated children over 4 years of age may not share a bedroom over night with children of the opposite sex.


g) Caregivers and children receiving night care shall sleep on the same floor (level) of the residence.


h) If the day care home receives children for night-time care, the caregiver may sleep while children are present if the caregiver and the children sleep on the same floor (level) of the residence and the children's bedrooms are within hearing distance of the caregiver's bedroom to provide for the needs of the children and to respond immediately in an emergency.


i) A basement area may be used for sleeping or napping if it has been approved in accordance with Section 406.8(a)(7).


j) A room above the first floor may be used for sleeping or napping if the room has 2 exits with one exit leading directly to the outside with means to safely reach the ground level.


k) There shall be a night light or other mechanism to illuminate hallways leading to stairs and/or the restroom.


l) A child who goes to school from a day care home providing night care shall be clean and properly dressed according to the weather.


m) Each child shall have individual toilet articles such as comb, toothbrush, towel, and washcloth.


n) Health care routines at bedtime and/or upon rising shall include:


1) Brushing teeth at bedtime and upon rising.


2) Brushing or combing the hair upon rising.


3) Establishing a routine for toileting at bedtime and upon rising.


o) When possible, children shall be left for care and picked up either before or after their normal sleeping period so that there is minimum disturbance of the children during sleep.


p) The day care home shall serve meals and snacks that supplement food served at home as prescribed in Section 406.17.


1) An evening meal that meets nutritional requirements shall be served at a regular time each evening and shall be available to children who may arrive without having first eaten.


2) A bedtime snack shall be served, unless contraindicated by parents or physician in accordance with Section 406.17(c).


3) Children who remain overnight and go to school directly from the day care home shall have breakfast, including juice or fruit, unless they are receiving breakfast at school.


(Source: Amended at 27 Ill. Reg. 19180, effective December 15, 2003)