Section 401.140  Application for Renewal of License


a)         License renewal application forms shall be mailed to the child welfare agency by the Department six months prior to the expiration date of the license.  For a renewal application to be considered complete, the following shall be attached to the application:


1)         A complete listing of the names and addresses of  all licensed and license-exempt child care facilities supervised by the child welfare agency and of any pending applications for licensure of a foster family or day care home which will be supervised by the child welfare agency;


2)         A current list of names, home addresses or Post Office Box, and contact telephone numbers, other than the agency's telephone number, of owners, officers, board members, and principal shareholders owning more than 5% of the stock of the corporation;


3)         A staff list, including name and job title, indicating those who are licensed under 89 Ill. Adm. Code 412.40 to practice as a direct child welfare service employee;


4)         Any pending investigations other than the Department investigations;


5)         The following documents if changes were made to them since the last application or renewal:


            A)        statement of purpose;


            B)        range of services; and


            C)        code of ethics; and


6)         For an agency providing adoption services whose license expires on or after August 15, 2007, documentation from the Internal Revenue Service showing that the agency is in compliance with all of the standards necessary to maintain its status as an tax-exempt organization as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. In addition, the agency shall attach copies of any form 990 reports filed with the Internal Revenue Service in the preceding 3 years, if applicable. An agency providing adoption services whose license renewal is pending or whose license will expire prior to August 15, 2007, and that is unable to obtain 501(c)(3) status prior to August 15, 2007, may be granted, at the discretion of the Department, up to a one year extension.


7)         The extension may be granted by the Department when the adoption agency has demonstrated that it has made substantial progress in the process  of becoming a tax-exempt organization as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and there is a likelihood of complying with the requirements within the extended period.


b)         The original of the completed application, along with the listing of child care facilities supervised by the agency, and one copy of all materials shall be submitted to the Department no later than 90 days before the date of the expiration of the child welfare agency's license.


c)         When a licensee has made timely and sufficient application for renewal of a license and the Department fails to render a decision on the application for renewal of the license prior to the expiration date of the license, the existing license shall continue in full force and effect for up to 30 days until the final Department decision has been made.  The Department may further extend the period in which such decision must be made in individual cases for up to 30 days, but such extensions shall be only upon good cause shown. [225 ILCS 10/5(d)]


d)         After receipt of the application for license renewal, the Department shall conduct a license study that shall consist of a comprehensive licensing compliance review.  The study may include unannounced visits if conducted within normal business hours, in order to determine that the child welfare agency continues to meet licensing standards.  The licensing study shall include an examination of the premises and records of the child welfare agency to determine the degree of compliance with these standards and shall include:


1)         Random surveys of parents or legal guardians who are consumers of the child welfare agency's services to assess the quality of care given and to determine if the child welfare agency is in compliance with the Foster Parent Law [20 ILCS 520];


2)         A review of a representative sample of child care facilities supervised by the child welfare agency, which may include site visits to these facilities;


3)         A review of unusual incident reports, child abuse/neglect reports, financial and payment records, and other agency performance indicators to evaluate the quality of care provided through the agency;


4)         Interviews of child welfare agency employees, foster parents, biological parents, children receiving care through the licensed child welfare agency, and other clients that receive services from the child welfare agency; and


5)         A review of the records, staffing, and operations of any branch offices operated by the child welfare agency.


e)         The licensing study shall be in writing and shall be reviewed and signed by the licensing supervisor and the licensing worker performing the study.  If the Department is satisfied that the facility continues to be in compliance with minimum standards which it prescribes and publishes, it shall renew the license to operate the facility.  [225 ILCS 10/6]  A copy of the licensing study will be made available to the license applicant upon payment of all copying costs.


(Source:  Amended at 30 Ill. Reg. 2699, effective February 27, 2006)