Section 331.20 Definitions


"Caregiver" means persons designated by the Department of Children and Family Services to be responsible for the day-to-day care of children and youth for whom the Department is legally responsible. This includes foster parents, relative caregivers, and administrators of group homes, child care institutions, and child welfare agencies.


"Child care facility", as used in this Part, means any child care institution, maternity center, child welfare agency, day care center, day care agency, group home, foster family home, day care home, group day care home, youth emergency shelter or secure child care facility as defined by the Child Care Act of 1969 [225 ILCS 10].


"Child or youth for whom the Department is legally responsible" or "ward" means children for whom the Department has temporary protective custody, custody or guardianship via court order, or children whose parents have signed an adoptive surrender or voluntary placement agreement with the Department.


"Disposition", for purposes of an Unusual Incident Report, means that activities or services have been undertaken such that the risk to a child or other person's health, safety or welfare has been mitigated or resolved to the point that usual and customary services can be provided, if appropriate. "Disposition" of an unusual incident does not mean a case is closed. Rather, "disposition" means that the extraordinary circumstances reported have been addressed appropriately by responsible staff of the Department or POS (purchase of service) providers and the actions taken have been recorded in a manner prescribed by the Department.


"Employee", as used in this Part, means any staff person employed by the Department, purchase of service (POS) provider contracted by the Department or by a child care facility, including any substitute, assistant, volunteer or work-study student used to replace or supplement staff in the direct care or supervision of children. This definition includes administrative, professional and other support staff who have contact with children as part of their duties in the present or prospective employment. The term also includes persons who receive remuneration directly from the Department pursuant to a contract for personal services.


"Unusual incident", as used in this Part, means an occurrence or event beyond the customary operations, routines or relationships in the Department, a child care facility or other entity that is licensed or regulated by the Department of Children and Family Services or that provides services for the Department pursuant to a grant, contract or purchase of service agreement. Unusual incidents may involve children and youth, employees, foster parents or relative caregivers. Unusual incidents may also involve damage to property, allegations of criminal activity, misconduct, or other occurrences affecting the operations of the Department or a child care facility. Any incident that could have media impact may be an unusual incident. Unusual incidents are further enumerated in Sections 331.30, 331.40 and 331.50 of this Part.


"Ward" See "Child or youth for whom the Department is legally responsible".


(Source: Amended at 32 Ill. Reg. 11649, effective July 10, 2008)