Section 312.90  Benefits


a)         Tuition and Fee Waiver

The OETS Business Office will request a waiver of tuition and mandatory fees for scholarship youth that attend an Illinois State university or community college if the youth does not have a tuition and/or fee scholarship from another source.


b)         Monthly Grant  


1)         Youth must provide their caseworkers with written verification of their acceptance/enrollment in a college or university and their school address prior to the beginning of their initial semester or quarter.  Caseworkers will verify the information and forward it to the OETS Business Office.  Youth that no longer have a legal relationship with the Department must forward the information directly to the OETS Business Office.  The OETS Business Office will forward payment information to the Central Payment Unit (CPU).  Grant payments will be effective the first day the youth is at school and continue throughout the school year.  Youth will receive their first payments the following month.  The amount will be prorated based on the day of the month the youth was first located at the school.


2)         Caseworkers must provide youth with an explanation of the financial and security benefits of having their grant checks directly deposited and assist the youth with completing the C-95, Authorization for Deposit of Recurring Payments. Youth who do not choose direct deposit will have their grant checks mailed directly to them.  Youth are required to report their address change immediately to the OETS Scholarship Administrator at 217/557-2689 and their caseworker to ensure timely receipt of correspondence and their grant payments. 


A)        Summer Grant Payments


i)          The OETS will continue grant payments through the summer when the youth is enrolled in summer school and taking a minimum of six college credit hours, or participating in an approved internship program.  Youth that choose to continue their education through the summer months must submit an official class schedule or documentation of participation in an approved internship program to the OETS Business Office and their caseworker no later than the first Monday in May.


ii)         Youth that choose not to attend summer school or participate in an approved internship program will continue to receive their grant payments through the summer months if the Department has guardianship of the youth or the Department's guardianship of the youth was terminated at age 21 after the youth entered the scholarship program and the youth has a grade point average of "C" or better, submits requested class schedules, has current contact information on file with OETS, and submits documentation of college or university enrollment for the fall semester to the OETS Business Office no later than June 1.


B)        Terminating Payment


i)          When a youth no longer meets the requirements to remain in the DCFS Scholarship Program, the youth's caseworker will notify the OETS Business Office immediately.  Youth who are no longer the legal responsibility of the Department shall notify the OETS Business Office when they no longer meet the requirements of the program.  The OETS Business Office will notify the CPU of the effective payment termination date for the youth.


ii)         The OETS Business Office will notify the youth in writing 30 days prior to stopping grant payments for any reason other than summer breaks.  If the youth has a legal relationship with the Department and resides in Cook County, the Cook County Public Guardian will also receive a copy of the termination notification.  Youth may request a review of the decision to suspend or discharge them from the Scholarship Program in accordance with 89 Ill. Adm. Code 337 (Service Appeal Process).  If the youth's grant does not continue during the appeals process, it will be issued retroactively if the youth's appeal is successful.


C)        Marriage or Termination of Guardianship

Marriage or termination of guardianship does not terminate a Department scholarship.  The Department will continue to make monthly grant payments to the youth, and the youth's medical needs will continue to be met under the Medicaid program.


c)         Start-Up Grant

This is a $200 one time grant youth will receive upon entrance into the DCFS Scholarship Program.  The purpose of the grant is to assist the youth with their initial college living expenses.  Youth will receive the Start-Up Grant payment in July.


d)         Medical and Dental Payments


1)         Medical and dental services are available to DCFS scholarship youth.  Medical and dental services are provided through the Department of Healthcare and Family Services Medical Assistance Program via the DCFS issued medical card. 


2)         Medical case management services are provided to pregnant and parenting youth and their children, zero to five years of age, through the Department of Human Services.


e)         Mandatory Supplies and Book Payments

The Department may pay for required textbooks and supplies for youth that do not have sufficient resources to purchase the required items.


(Source:  Amended at 38 Ill. Reg. 1988, effective December 31, 2013)