Section 139.110 Definitions


For the purposes of this Part, the following terms are defined:


"Bed Hold" An approved absence from a residential treatment setting that the Department funds to ensure the individual receiving services retains the bed upon return to the facility.


"Community-based Services" Behavioral health services provided to eligible individuals in the home, school or other natural settings.


"Crisis and Referral Entry Service" or "CARES" Illinois' single point of entry into mobile crisis response services for children that accepts telephonic crisis referrals for children experiencing a mental health crisis and determines the most appropriate program or resource, State-funded or other, to link the referent and child to services.


"Days" Refers to calendar days unless otherwise stated.


"DCFS" The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.


"Department" or "HFS" The Department of Healthcare and Family Services or its agents.


"Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" or "DSM" The manual published by the American Psychiatric Association, and incorporated by reference in Section 139.105, that establishes standard criteria for the classification of mental disorders.


"Domain" Area of functioning, interaction or other daily life activity assessed to determine the presence and severity of illness or impairment related to a behavioral health condition.


"FSP" The Family Support Program established by Section 7.1 of the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Administrative Act [20 ILCS 1705/7.1] and administered by the Department pursuant to Section 5-5.23 of the Public Aid Code and this Part.


"FSP Youth" An individual determined eligible for and participating in the FSP.


"Hospital or Similar Treatment Facility" For the purpose of the Specialized Family Support Program established in a manner consistent with the Custody Relinquishment Prevention Act [20 ILCS 540], an entity licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health as a hospital operating as either:


a free-standing psychiatric facility; or


a community hospital with a psychiatric distinct part unit.


"IDPH" The Illinois Department of Public Health.


"Interagency Clinical Team" or "ICT" The interagency clinical team established by intergovernmental agreement between the Department and the Illinois Departments of: Children and Family Services (DCFS), Human Services (DHS), Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and Public Health (DPH), and the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), as required by the Custody Relinquishment Prevention Act [20 ILCS 540].


"International Classification of Diseases" or "ICD" A standard diagnostic tool for the identification, treatment and management of illness and disease maintained by the World Health Organization and incorporated by reference in Section 139.105.


"Legal Guardian" The court-appointed guardian of the person and/or estate under the Probate Act of 1975 [755 ILCS 5].


"Mobile Crisis Response" Short-term, crisis intervention and stabilization services provided to individuals presenting in a behavioral health crisis, as authorized by the CARES Line.


"Parent or Legal Guardian" A parent, biological or adoptive, or a short-term legal guardian, or an individual appointed as legal guardian by the court. A governmental agency, social service agency, or any employee thereof, appointed by a court as legal guardian or custodian is not considered a parent or legal guardian for the purposes of this Part.


"Public Aid Code" or "Code" 305 ILCS 5.


"Peer Review Organization/Quality Improvement Organization" or "PRO/QIO" A group of health quality experts, clinicians and consumers organized to improve the quality of care as permitted at 42 USC 1396a(d). Details regarding the HFS PRO/QIO can be found at: https://www.illinois.gov/hfs/MedicalProviders/



"Residential Treatment" A live-in treatment facility providing intensive therapeutic intervention in a congregate setting for individuals with the most severe mental, emotional and behavioral disorders that cannot be treated or stabilized in a community setting.


"SFSP" The Specialized Family Support Program established by Subpart B of this Part.


"SFSP Youth" A youth at risk of custody relinquishment, referred to CARES, and determined eligible for the Specialized Family Support Program.


"Transition Bed Services" Short-term, time-limited, out-of-home transitional services provided only at the time of a youth's admission to the SFSP, upon leaving the hospital or similar treatment facility, in order to provide necessary stabilization services to participating families.


"Youth" Individuals under the age of 18.


"Youth at Risk of Custody Relinquishment" A youth whose parents or legal guardians refuse to take the youth home from a hospital or similar treatment facility because the parents or legal guardians have a reasonable belief that the youth will harm himself or herself or other family members upon the youth's return home, and there is no evidence of abuse or neglect.