Section 890.1370  Floor Drains


a)         Required.  Any building or structure in which plumbing fixtures or piping is installed in or under a concrete floor to accommodate fixtures on the level of the concrete floor shall have at least one trapped and vented floor drain.  Additional floor drains shall be required if the installation of fixtures and appurtenances requires the use of floor drains.  In a multi-family dwelling, each unit shall have a floor drain if fixtures and appurtenances installed in the dwelling require the use of a floor drain.


1)         Underground floor drains connected to a building drain or a building sub‑drain within 4 feet of a stack shall be individually vented.  All floor drains shall be vented as required by Appendix A.Table I.


2)         Each floor drain shall be connected to a sanitary waste drain, except those drains receiving only clear water discharges, which may be connected to the sub-soil drainage system. 


3)         Any sump or hub drain for receiving clear water waste shall extend 2 inches above the floor, and all indirect clear water waste lines shall be above the floor level.  Any floor drain level with the floor shall discharge to a sanitary waste drain.  (See Appendix A.Tables F and I.)


4)         At least one floor drain shall be located in every restroom having a masonry or concrete floor except those for private use.


5)         In hospitals and nursing homes, floor drains will not be required in toilet/bath facilities serving four or fewer individual residents where access to the facilities is direct from no more than two resident rooms.  Toilet/bath facilities in hospitals and nursing homes serving rooms with more than four residents or consisting of multiple toilets, lavatories, etc., are required to have floor drains.


b)         Size.  Each floor drain shall be sized for its intended use and the surface area that it drains.  Any floor drain or drain trap installed below a basement floor or underground shall be no less than 2 inches in diameter.


c)         Accessibility.  Floor drains shall connect into traps, shall be accessible and readily cleaned, and shall be located so that they are easily visible.


d)         Provision for Evaporation.  Floor drain seals subject to evaporation shall be of the deep seal type, shall be fed by means of a priming device designed for that purpose, or shall be filled with vegetable oil.


e)         Floor Drains in Food Establishments.  Floor drains installed in coolers, freezers, refrigerated holding areas, dressing rooms or processing rooms shall meet the following requirements:


1)         Floor drains shall have a minimum inside diameter of 4 inches.


2)         Drainage lines from water closets and urinals shall not be connected with any other sanitary drainage lines having floor drains located in the food service establishments listed in subsection (e).


3)         Floor drains shall be indirectly discharged to the drainage system, or a backwater valve that conforms with the requirements of Section 890.1320(o) shall be installed to isolate these floor drains from other sanitary discharges.


4)         Floor drains shall comply with the requirements of subsections (b), (c) and (d).


(Source:  Amended at 38 Ill. Reg. 9940, effective April 24, 2014)