Section 870.190   Tiedown Equipment Approval


a)         Manufacturer's Approval.  Each tiedown manufacturer shall file with the Department a written request for approval to sell tiedown equipment in Illinois.  In order to obtain approval, each tiedown manufacturer must submit the following:


1)         Detailed plans and specifications of all tiedown equipment, showing model identification number, pertinent dimensions, materials, and method of securing ties.  Each drawing shall bear the seal of a licensed professional engineer in Illinois.


2)         Test data regarding the strength of all equipment, which has been prepared and certified by a recognized independent testing laboratory, demonstrating that the anchor and all tiedown equipment meet the requirements of this Section.  Each piece of equipment must be tested a minimum of three times and be shown to meet the requirements of Section 870.200.  The tests must be conducted with the equipment installed according to the installation instructions.


3)         A copy of the installation instructions for each anchor must accompany all anchors when sold.  For ground anchors, the instructions shall include information as to the holding capability of the soils in which the anchor is certified to be installed, the method of installation, the type and size of stabilization devices required, the amount of pre-loading, and the method of tension adjustment after installation.  The instructions for installation must be consistent with the testing of the equipment, especially with regard to the angle and depth of installation of ground anchors.  The instructions for concrete anchors shall specify the minimum amount of concrete required, the distance from the edge of the concrete to the anchor and the compressive strength of the concrete.  A copy of all instructions, including any revisions, must be submitted prior to the issuance of approval.


4)         Each anchor shall be permanently marked with an identification number that is visible when the equipment is installed.


5)         If the design, construction or installation instructions of any approved equipment are changed, approval must be obtained from the Department.


b)         Alternative Approval.  A home owner, dealer, or installer who wishes to tie down a manufactured home with a unique system or materials different from one approved under subsection (a) must submit all information on material specifications, strength of equipment, and system design to the Department for approval.  The approval will be based upon the criteria specified in Sections 870.200 and 870.220.


c)         Evidence of Approval.  The tiedown manufacturer shall present evidence of Department approval to any homeowner or installer upon request.  Approval shall be evidenced by the letter of approval from the Department for the specific equipment.


d)         Previous Approvals.  All previous approvals issued by the Department for tiedown equipment shall become void January 1, 2006.  New approval will be granted for the tiedown equipment previously approved with the exception that the ground anchor equipment will be rated at the soil holding capability of tests on file and not soil class ratings.