Section 870.10 Definitions


For purposes of this Part, the following terms have the meanings ascribed in this Section.


"Accessory structure" means a structure such as a shed, garage, carport, deck or porch on a manufactured home site.


"Anchor" means any device used for securing the manufactured home to the foundation system or ground.


"Anchoring equipment" means bolts, straps, cables, turnbuckles, and chains, including tensioning devices, that are used with ties to secure a manufactured home to ground anchors or the foundation system.


"Anchoring system" means any method used for securing the manufactured home to a foundation system or the ground.


"Department" means the Illinois Department of Public Health. [430 ILCS 117/10]


"Footing" means that portion of the support system that transmits loads directly to the soil.


"Foundation system" is a support system that transfers design loads into the underlying ground. Examples of acceptable foundation systems include, but are not limited to, a floating support system consisting of concrete runners under each frame I-beam, or a concrete pad that extends beneath the entire home and is at least 3" thick, or individual footing designed to support the home.


"Frost depth" means the depth of frost penetration into the soil.


"Frost heave" is an uplift of ground or pavement caused by freezing of moist soil.


"Ground anchor" means any device at the manufactured home installation site designed to transfer manufactured home anchoring loads to the ground.


"Independent testing laboratory" is an organization that:


Primarily is interested in testing and evaluating equipment; and


Is qualified and equipped to conduct and evaluate experimental testing in accordance with approved standards; and


Makes available a published report in which specific information is included stating that the equipment and installations have been tested and found safe for use in a specific manner; and


Is not under the jurisdiction or control of any manufacturer or supplier of any industry.


"Installation" means assembly, at the site of occupancy, of all portions of the manufactured home, connection of the manufactured home to utilities, and installation of support and anchoring systems.


"Installation certificate of compliance" means the certificate provided by the Department that is completed by the licensed manufactured home installer, which certifies that the manufactured home installation complies with this Part.


"Installation instructions" means those instructions provided by the manufacturer detailing the manufacturer's requirements for supports, anchoring system attachments and utility connections.


"Installation seal" means a sticker issued by the Department to a licensed manufactured home installer to be displayed on the manufactured home to indicate compliance with the Department's rules pertaining to manufactured home installation.


"Installers Act" means the Illinois Manufactured Home Installers Act [430 ILCS 120].


"Length of manufactured home" is the distance from the exterior of the front wall (nearest to the drawbar and coupling mechanism) to the exterior of the rear wall (at the opposite end of the home) where such walls enclose living or other interior space and such distance includes expandable rooms but not bay windows, porches, drawbars, couplings, hitches, or other attachments.


"Licensed manufactured home installer" means a person who has successfully completed a manufactured home installation course approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health, paid the license fee and been issued a current license. [430 ILCS 117/10]


"Manufactured home" is synonymous with "mobile home" and means a structure that is a factory-assembled, completely integrated structure designed for permanent habitation, with a permanent chassis and so constructed as to permit its transport, on wheels temporarily or permanently attached to its frame, from the place of its construction to the location, or subsequent locations, at which it is placed on a support system for use as a permanent habitation, and designed and situated so as to permit its occupancy as a dwelling place for one or more persons; provided, that any such structure resting wholly on a permanent foundation, as defined in this Part, shall not be construed as a mobile home or manufactured home. The term "manufactured home" includes manufactured homes constructed after June 30, 1976 in accordance with the federal National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974 and does not include an immobilized mobile home as defined in Section 2.10 of the Mobile Home Park Act. [430 ILCS 117/10]


"Manufacturer" means a manufacturer of a manufactured home whether the manufacturer is located within or outside the State of Illinois. [430 ILCS 117/10]


"Minimum frost depth" means 35 inches, except in those areas where local ordinance establishes a different frost depth.


"On-site" means the physical presence of the licensed manufactured home installer at the installation site of a manufactured home.


"Permanent foundation" is a continuous perimeter foundation of material, such as mortared concrete block, mortared brick, or concrete, that extends into the ground below the established frost depth and to which the home is secured with foundation bolts at least one-half inch in diameter, spaced at intervals of no more than 6 feet and within one foot of the corners, and embedded at least 7 inches into concrete foundations or 15 inches into block foundations. [430 ILCS 117/10]


"Piers" means that portion of the support system between the footing and the manufactured home, exclusive of shims. Types of piers include concrete blocks, manufactured steel stands, and manufactured concrete stands.


"Site" is a parcel of land for the accommodation of a manufactured home.


"Stabilizing device" means a device or provision made to minimize the deflection or slicing through the soil by a ground anchor rod at ground level.


"Support system" means a combination of footings, piers and shims designed to support the home when properly installed.


"Tie" means a strap, cable, or securing device used to connect the manufactured home to the anchors.


"Tiedown Act" means the Illinois Mobile Home Tiedown Act [210 ILCS 120].


"Tiedown manufacturer" is any person or business engaged in the manufacturing of tiedown equipment that is offered for sale or use in this State.


"Training hour" means at least 50 minutes of actual teaching, including time devoted to lecture, learning activities, small group activities, demonstrations, evaluations and/or practical, hands-on instruction.