Section 860.250  Electrical


a)         New Installations


1)         All electrical distribution systems constructed or replaced after July 1, 1998 and before July 1, 2005 shall be designed and constructed to conform to the requirements of the National Electrical Code, 1996 Edition.  Article 550-C of the National Electrical Code contains specific requirements for manufactured home communities. Design, construction, and replacement of electrical distribution systems shall be in accordance with the 2014 edition of the National Electrical Code. (Type C Violation)


2)         For homes installed after July 1, 1998, the manufactured home community licensee shall be responsible for providing electrical service equipment at least equivalent to the amperage capacity of the home which it serves. (Type A Violation)


b)         Existing Installations

The following minimum requirements shall apply to electrical systems installed prior to July 1, 1998:


1)         The electrical distribution system to the manufactured home sites shall be single phase, 120/240 volts nominal. (Type A Violation)


2)         The type, size, installation and location of all conductors shall comply with their approved use as indicated in the edition of the National Electrical Code in effect at the time of construction. (Type A Violation)


3)         The service equipment shall not be attached to the home, located under the home, or located anywhere that is not readily accessible.  Obstructions such as bushes shall not be located within three feet of the front of the service equipment. (Type A Violation)


4)         All electrical equipment installed outdoors shall be the weatherproof type.  Equipment located under the home shall be protected from the weather. (Type C Violation)


5)         The service equipment and any other electrical devices shall be at least 12 inches above grade and secured to prevent any movement. (Type B Violation)


6)         The manufactured home feeder conductor shall be either a cord which meets the requirements of the manufacturer of the home or a permanently installed feeder as specified by the National Electrical Code in effect at the time of installation. (Type C Violation)


7)         All circuits at the service equipment shall be protected by over-current protection as required by the National Electrical Code in effect at the time of installation. (Type C Violation)


8)         Overhead conductors shall provide an 18 feet vertical clearance over all streets, a 12 feet clearance over driveways, and a 10 feet clearance above grade in all other areas.  Electrical conductors emerging from the ground shall be protected by enclosures or raceways for direct buried cable or to the approved buried depth for protected conductors and up to a point 8 feet above grade.  Acceptable protection shall be rigid metal, intermediate metal or Schedule 80 non-metallic conduit or channel.  Manufactured home power supply cords need not be enclosed in conduit or raceways. (Type C Violation)


c)         Maintenance of All Systems

All electrical systems shall be maintained in a safe condition.  All damaged or defective equipment shall be repaired or replaced, all loose equipment shall be secured, all faceplates and panel fronts shall be in place and all live parts shall be covered to prevent accidental contact.  Tree branches that overhang distribution wiring shall be removed.  All components of the manufactured home community electrical system shall be inspected by the manufactured home community management and it shall be the responsibility of the licensee to have any defects corrected. (Type C Violation)


(Source:  Amended at 43 Ill. Reg. 2558, effective February 6, 2019)