Section 860.240  Sewage


a)         All sewage generated within a manufactured home community shall discharge into an approved sewage disposal system.


1)         A sewage disposal system designed to discharge below ground, or to the ground surface with a flow of less than 1,500 gallons per day, shall be regulated by the Department and must meet the requirements of the Private Sewage Disposal Code. (Type A Violation)


2)         A sewage disposal system or group of systems installed after July 1, 1998 designed to discharge 1,500 or more gallons per day to the ground surface shall meet the requirements of the Illinois Pollution Control Board (35 Ill. Adm. Code 309.102(a) and (b)). (Type C Violation)


b)         A sewage collection system shall meet the following requirements:


1)         A minimum 4 inch inside diameter sewer riser extending at least 4 inches above the finished grade level shall be provided at each site.  The material for the building drain and sewer riser must be approved building drainage pipe material as specified in Section 890.Table A of the Illinois Plumbing Code and shall be installed by an Illinois licensed plumber.  The connection between the riser and the manufactured home sewer pipe shall be watertight and odor tight.  A watertight and odor tight cap or plug shall be installed on all sewer risers that are not in use.  Provisions shall be included to allow for vertical movement due to frost heave if the home is not supported below the frost depth. (See Section 860.Illustration D.) (Type A Violation)


2)         The building sewer piping must be approved building sewer material as specified in Section 890.Table A of the Illinois Plumbing Code and meet the requirements of Section 860.Table C. (Type A Violation)


3)         The construction and installation of the sewer mains and lift stations must meet the requirements of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (35 Ill. Adm. Code 370, Illinois Recommended Standards for Sewage Works) for construction after July 1, 1998.  Manholes shall be provided at every change in direction or grade of every main sewer line, at the upper end of every main sewer line, at every junction of two or more branch sewers, and at intervals of not more than 400 feet.  Cleanouts extending to grade level may be used instead of manholes on sewer lines less than 8 inches in diameter, and shall be at intervals of not more than 100 feet. (Type A Violation)


c)         Malfunctioning sewage disposal systems shall be repaired and maintained in compliance with the requirements specified in subsection (a) of this Section. Within 48 hours after notification from a resident or a Department representative, untreated sewage on the ground as a result of a malfunction shall be removed to the extent possible and the contaminated ground surface shall be covered with lime or similar material. (Type C Violation)


(Source:  Amended at 43 Ill. Reg. 2558, effective February 6, 2019)