Section 860.120  Plans


Section 4(d) of the Act specifies that, for a new manufactured home community, plans must be prepared and sealed by an architect licensed under the authority of the Illinois Architectural Practice Act of 1989 or an engineer licensed under the authority of the Illinois Professional Engineering Act.  The plans shall be drawn to scale.  Two copies of the plans shall be submitted to the Department. The plans and application material shall contain, at a minimum, an overall manufactured home community plan and a typical site plan as follows:


a)         The overall manufactured home community plan shall include the following details for all proposed construction:


1)         The location and dimension of each proposed site;


2)         The location, width, type of surface material and traffic flow of all streets;


3)         The locations of all sidewalks and parking areas;


4)         The existing and proposed contours of the area, including an indication of any area in a flood plain and drainage away from the homes;


5)         The locations, types, sizes and identification numbers of all water pipes; details of any private or semi-private water sources, sufficient to indicate compliance, and if the manufactured home community is served by a community public water supply system, the name of the system;


6)         The locations, types, sizes and identification numbers of all sewage pipes, details of all private sewage disposal systems sufficient to indicate compliance, and, if the manufactured home community is served by a public sewer system, the name of the system;


7)         The locations, types and sizes of all electrical conductors and equipment;


8)         The types, sizes, heights and locations of all proposed manufactured home community lighting;


9)         The sizes, locations and types of all fuel pipes; the locations and sizes of all fuel storage tanks;


10)         The locations of all recreational equipment, beaches, swimming pools, parks, and community buildings (Swimming pools and bathing beaches are subject to a separate construction permit as required by the Swimming Facility Act.);


11)         The general locations of all existing manufactured home sites and a description of how proposed utility extensions for new sites will be connected;


12)         The types, sizes and locations of all garbage containers and the frequency of garbage collection;


13)         The types, sizes and locations of any storm drainage pipes;


14)         The locations of fire hydrants and holding ponds and the name of the fire department that serves the manufactured home community; and


15)         The locations of all easements.


b)         The typical manufactured home site plan shall include the following:


1)         Size, type and location of the foundation system for the home;


2)         Details and locations of sewer, water and gas piping, showing the height of the risers, the distance between them, and any valves;


3)         For private sewage disposal systems, detailed drawings of the proposed system showing the distances between components of the system and potable water systems or bodies of water, soil characteristics, depth of ground water table, and size of system components (When a permit for construction of a private sewage disposal system has been obtained or is pending from a unit of local government, a copy of the permit or permit application shall be submitted.); and


4)         Types, locations and ratings of electrical service equipment and conductors with indication of the method of grounding.


(Source:  Amended at 43 Ill. Reg. 2558, effective February 6, 2019)