Section 855.350  Submissions and Notices


a)         The contractor shall submit the following items to the Department postmarked or facsimile dated at least 10 working days prior to the commencement of an asbestos abatement project.


1)         The Notice of Asbestos Abatement Form provided by the Department shall be completed and submitted by the contractor for all abatement projects.  The completed form shall contain only correct and accurate information.


2)         Written permission from the building owner confirming the authorization for the commencement of abatement according to Section 855.450(g) shall be attached to the notification form and submitted to the Department.


b)         The contractor shall notify the Department in writing on the form provided by the Department prior to any change in start date, completion date and scope of the project.


c)         Five days prior to commencement of work, the contractor shall submit the following items to the project manager.  These items shall be up-to-date and shall be maintained at the abatement site by the project manager.


1)         Documentation of arrangements for the transport and disposal of asbestos-containing or contaminated materials and supplies and the name and location of the disposal site.


2)         Documentation that each asbestos worker and supervisor are licensed.


3)         Drawings for layout and construction of decontamination enclosure systems and barriers for isolation of the work area.


4)         When rental equipment is to be used in removal areas or to transport waste materials, a copy of the written notification to inform the rental company of the nature of use of the rented equipment.


5)         Results of materials testing as conducted before the abatement for purposes of utilization during abatement activities (e.g., testing of encapsulant for depth of penetration, testing of substitute materials for adherence to encapsulated surfaces).


6)         Copies of initial and current accreditation certificates of all licensed persons and the original license.  The project manager shall make copies of all licenses at the location where they are conducting work.  Failure to have accreditation certificates at the job site could result in decertification.


d)         During abatement activities the contractor shall submit on a weekly basis the following items to the project manager and the project manager shall maintain this documentation at the abatement site:


1)         Job progress reports detailing abatement activities, including a review of progress with respect to previously established schedules, problems and actions taken, injury reports, and equipment breakdowns.


2)         Copies of all transport manifests, trip tickets and disposal receipts for all asbestos waste materials removed from the work area during the abatement process shall be submitted to the project manager within 10 days after the completion of the project.


3)         Copies of worksite entry log books with information on worker and visitor access.


4)         Logs documenting filter changes on respirators, HEPA vacuums, negative pressure ventilation units, and other engineering controls.


5)         Logs documenting that each asbestos worker present and in the abatement area was licensed as such by the Department.


6)         Any revisions to the start date, completion date or scope of the project.


e)         Prior to commencement of work the school board or the building owner shall:


1)         Notify occupants of work areas that may be disrupted by the abatement project of dates and requirements for relocation.  Arrangements must be made prior to start of the project for relocation of desks, files, equipment and personal possessions in order to avoid unauthorized access into the work area by building occupants.  Notification of all building occupants and users is required in order to prevent unnecessary or unauthorized access to the contaminated work area.


2)         Submit to the contractor and project manager results of background level air sampling, including sampling location, name of the air sampling professional, equipment utilized and method of analysis.  Background air samples shall be collected and analyzed prior to the start of project activities.


3)         Provide to the contractor information concerning access, shutdown, and protection requirements of equipment and systems in the work area.


4)         Submit to the contractor names and addresses of all asbestos project managers and air sampling professionals assigned to the project prior to the commencement of abatement.  Any changes of the building owners' representatives shall be submitted to the contractor in writing prior to such change.


5)         Provide to the contractor written permission authorizing the commencement of asbestos abatement.


6)         The school board or building owner shall provide the contractor with written verification that notification of all building occupants and users have been made pursuant to this Section prior to commencement of the project.  Such written verification shall be submitted to the Department by the contractor with the Notice of Asbestos Abatement form provided by the Department.