Section 830.850 Pesticide Storage Practices


All pesticides utilized by the owners, operators, or employees of commercial or non-commercial pest control business locations shall be stored according to labeling instructions. The following practices are intended to supplement labeling instructions. Where there is a discrepancy between labeling instructions and the following practices, the more stringent instructions shall prevail.


a) Except as noted below in subsection (b), all pesticides shall be stored in closed, original containers, free from severe corrosion (e.g., rusted so as to affect the integrity of the containers; leaking) and pesticide contamination. The container, except 55 gallon drums, shall be stored on pallets, racks, shelves, or cabinets with the label plainly visible. Lost or damaged labels shall be replaced with an approved sample label obtained from the pesticide manufacturer or distributor, and fastened to the container. Damaged containers other than fumigants shall be replaced with identically labeled containers or, if not available, a properly labeled service container for temporary storage or transport.


b) Service containers shall only be utilized to temporarily store or transport a pesticide concentrate or registered ready-to-use product providing the following conditions are met:


1) The service container shall bear a legible label which includes the following information:


A) the name, address and telephone number of the commercial or non-commercial location using the product;


B) the product name and USEPA registration number;


C) the name and percentage of active ingredients;


D) the signal word for the registered label;


E) mixing instructions as well as the working dilution (if applicable);


F) the phrase "KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN"; and


G) a Statement of Practical Treatment; or


2) A copy of the current USEPA approved label for the registered pesticide attached to the service container along with the information presented in Section 830.850(b)(1)(A).


3) A service container shall be closed when not in use, clean so as to prevent the misuse of a pesticide as described in Section 830.810 of this Part, and non-leaking.


c) Pesticides used for structural pest control shall be segregated from all other pesticides.


d) Fumigants shall not be stored within any human dwelling or attached structure.


e) Restricted use pesticides shall be stored in the locked storage area segregated from all other pesticides. The area shall be identified by a placard stating "RESTRICTED USE PESTICIDES Authorized Use Only" in black letters on a yellow background. The sign shall be the same size, or larger, and contain the same information in the same proportion as that found in Illustration B.


f) Non-restricted pesticides with a signal word "DANGER" on the label shall be kept segregated from other pesticides.


g) Pesticides which cannot be used because of suspension by USEPA or regulatory action by the Illinois Department of Agriculture and/or this Department shall be marked as such and segregated from other stocks so that they are not used.


h) No pesticide shall be stored in any food or beverage container or in the same room, or passenger area of a service vehicle, where food, eating utensils, beverages, tobacco products or household goods are stored.


(Source: Amended at 21 Ill. Reg. 15010, effective November 10, 1997)