Section 830.180  License and Registration Renewals


a)         Renewal applications will be mailed to all licensees and registrants at least 30 days prior to December 1 of each calendar year.


b)         The licensee or applicant shall review the renewal application for accuracy.  The following information shall be recorded where indicated on the renewal application before the application is submitted to the Department:


1)         Any changes in business name (that do not result in a change in ownership) and mailing or location address. If there is a change in the location address, the current business license or registration shall be attached to the renewal application and submitted with the fee for replacement of a license or registration prescribed in Section 9(a) of the Act;


2)         The signature of the location manager/owner; and


3)         The signature and certification number (i.e., 052-) of a technician (certified in accordance with Section 5 of the Act and this Part) employed at the business location processing a certificate expiring beyond the license or registration renewal period.  A technician possessing a certificate expiring at the same time as the business license or registration may sign the renewal, provided that the technician certificate is renewed prior to, or at the same time as, the business license or registration.


c)         If a renewal application is filed in a timely and sufficient manner, the Department will process the application, and the current license or registration shall continue in effect until the Department issues either a new license or registration or a Final Order denying the application.


d)         For the purposes of this Section, a timely and sufficient manner means that:


1)         The renewal application is postmarked no later than December 1 of the year of license or registration expiration; and


2)         The Department receives the completed renewal application (in accordance with Section 830.180(b) of this Part) and appropriate renewal (and any replacement of license or registration) fee set forth in Section 9(a) of the Act; and


3)         A valid certificate of insurance is on file with the Department (or attached to the renewal) that provides the minimum liability insurance requirements detailed in Section 9(b) of the Act and Sections 830.250 and 830.260 of this Part (not applicable for registrants).  The certificate of insurance form is available on the Structural Pest Control web page at: http://www.idph.state.il.us/envhealth/structuralpest.htm.


e)         A renewal application that does not comply with subsections (d)(2) and (d)(3) of this Section shall be considered insufficient and shall be returned to the applicant, and the current license or registration shall lapse on the December 31 expiration date.


f)         The Department will process a renewal application that is sufficient but not timely (filed with the Department postmarked after December 1 up to and including December 31), but the current license or registration shall lapse on the December 31 expiration date. The application shall be accompanied by the required late filing charge prescribed in Section 9(a) of the Act.


g)         No license or registration shall be renewed after the December 31 expiration date.   Renewal applications postmarked after December 31 will be subject to the requirements and fees for obtaining an original commercial or non-commercial structural pest control business license or registration as detailed in Section 830.100 or 830.110 of this Part.


h)         Renewal applications shall not be used to obtain a license or registration when there has been a change in ownership.  For a change in business ownership, the application for a Commercial (or Non-commercial) Structural Pest Control Business Location License (or Registration) and the Change of Business Ownership forms shall be completed and mailed to the Department in accordance with Sections 830.180 (or 830.110) and 830.190 of this Part in lieu of the renewal application.  Forms may be obtained from the Structural Pest Control web page at: http://www.idph.state.il.us/envhealth/structuralpest.htm.


(Source:  Amended at 37 Ill. Reg. 3288, effective March 1, 2013)