Section 785.1190  Supervision – Department


The Illinois Department of Public Health to insure compliance with the provisions of the Act and the rules and regulations shall:  


a)         Inspect each dairy farm, dairy plant, receiving station, and transfer station whose milk or milk products are intended for consumption within the State of Illinois or its jurisdiction and each milk hauler/sampler who collects samples of raw milk for processing, for bacterial, chemical, or temperature standards and hauls milk from dairy farm to a dairy plant, transfer station, or receiving station and his bulk milk pickup tank and its appurtenances shall be inspected by the Department prior to the issuance of a license.  Following the issuance of a license the Department will inspect all facilities and operators at the following minimum frequencies:


1)         Dairy Farms                                                                    – 12 Months


2)         Dairy Plants, Receiving Stations, Transfer Stations       – 12 Months


3)         Milk Hauler/Sampler Truck and Appurtenances            – 12 Months

Sampling Procedures                                                      – 24 Months


b)         Four times every six months the Department will collect samples of dairy products from each licensed dairy plant.  Samples will be taken any time prior to final delivery and delivered to an official State of Illinois laboratory.  Samples will be tested in accordance with tests and examinations contained in the 15th edition of Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products or the 14th edition of the Official Methods of Analysis of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists.




1)         Whenever two of the last four consecutive bacterial counts, coliform determinations, or cooling temperatures taken on separate days, exceed the limit of the standard for raw commingled milk and/or dairy products, the Department shall sent a written notice thereof to the person concerned. This notice shall be in effect so long as two of the last four consecutive samples exceed the limit of the standard.  An additional sample shall be taken within 21 days of the sending of such notice, but not before the lapse of three days.  Immediate suspension of the plant license, in accordance with these rules Section 785.1130, shall be instituted whenever the standard is violated by three of the last five bacterial counts, coliform determinations, or cooling temperatures.


2)         Whenever the license suspension has been due to a violation of any of the bacterial, coliform, or cooling-temperature standards, the Department within one week after the receipt of notification for reinstatement of the license, shall issue a temporary license after determining by an inspection of the facilities and operating methods that the conditions responsible for the violation have been corrected.  The Department will then resample the product and if the results are satisfactory, the license will remain on a temporary status pending three satisfactory test results before full license reinstatement can be granted.


d)         All plans for the construction, reconstruction, or alterations other than those to repair or perform maintenance on existing facilities of a dairy farm's milking facilities, transfer stations, receiving stations, cleaning and sanitizing facilities, and dairy plants regulated under these rules must be submitted to the Department for approval before work is begun.  The Department shall approve plans which meet the requirements of the Act and this Part within 30 days of submission.