Section 630.90  Records


a)         Administrative.  The following administrative records shall be maintained by the project for a period of three years:


1)         All financial record of expenditures, third-party reimbursements and other project income.


2)         An inventory record of all equipment purchased from project funds including (listing shall be cumulative and updated annually):


A)        A description of the item.


B)        Inventory identification (I.D.) number.  This can be a manufacturer's serial number or other I.D. number, but it must be permanently affixed to the item.


C)        Acquisition date and cost.


D)        From whom purchased.


E)        Location and condition of the item.  No property can be disposed of without prior written authorization of the Chief, Division of Family Health. Upon termination of a project the equipment becomes the property of the Illinois Department of Public Health.


3)         Personnel records for all project staff.


4)         Statistical information derived from project activities.


b)         Patient Records


1)         One record containing the appropriate information relative to that person's care shall be maintained on each patient.


2)         A project record shall be maintained on each individual registered in the project.  The record should be designed to accommodate entries by each discipline providing services for that project.  Documentation showing preauthorization of services purchased by the project shall be maintained as a part of the individual's patient record.  All services provided to a particular patient by each discipline must be easily reviewable by the other disciplines.


3)         The record shall be useful as an administrative and health management tool.


4)         Confidentiality.  The following information relating to patients and persons requesting services shall be treated as confidential:


A)        Names and addresses individually or by list.


B)        Information contained in reports of medical examinations and treatments.


C)        Information about financial resources.


D)        Information contained in registers, in case records, correspondence, any forms or notations obtained from or about the individual and family concerning his condition or circumstances, including all such information whether or not it is recorded.


E)        Records of state and local health department evaluations of such information.


5)         Release of Information.  Information shall be kept confidential and shall not be divulged except as follows:


A)        Confidential information may be released only with the parent's or patient's consent to agencies, institutions or individuals who are requested to provide maternal and child health services to the mother or child, as a part of the program of the state agency.


B)        Confidential information may be released to other state or federal agencies having as their purpose the health and welfare of the mother or child for whom the patient or his parent, in his behalf, has requested services.  In these circumstances the information may be released only if adequate assurances are given that:


i)          The confidential character of the information will be preserved;


ii)         the confidential information will be used only for the purpose for which it is made available;


iii)        such proposals are reasonably related to the purposes of the program of the state or local agency and the functioning of the other agencies or programs; and


iv)        the standards  of protection established by the other agencies or programs to which the confidential information is made available are at least equal to those established by the state or local health department.


C)        When a signed consent form is received from the patient, confidential information must be released to the Department to evaluate the effectiveness of prenatal care, to conduct research to reduce infant and maternal morbidity and mortality, and to assist the Department in the allocation of resources.  For women who consent to collection of such data, the grantee will solely retain all identifying information of the women (name, address, social security number, phone number) and provide code numbers to the Department in place of such information.  The grantee will destroy the consent forms after the Department has completed its review of the data.  That consent form will include:


i)          the name of the person signing the form;


ii          the name and address of the patient;


iii)        a statement of consent to release information for the purposes stated in subsection (b)(5)(C) above;


iv)        a protection against release beyond the Illinois Department of Public Health.


D)        Information may be disclosed in summary, statistical or other form, which does not make it possible to identify any particular individual.


(Source:  Amended at 17 Ill. Reg. 3013, effective February 22, 1993)