Section 515.590  EMS Personnel License Renewals


a)         To be relicensed:


1)         The licensee shall file an application for renewal, either written or on-line, with the Department, using the format prescribed by the Department, at least 30 days prior to the license expiration date. Incomplete license applications submitted to the Department less than 30 days before the expiration may not be processed by the expiration date and may be subject to a late fee.


A)        In addition to completion of the renewal application and payment of the renewal fee, a licensee who functions within an EMS System shall submit documentation of completion of CE requirements to his or her EMS System of primary affiliation at least 30 days before the expiration of his or her license.  A licensee who does not function within an EMS System, and who seeks independent renewal, shall submit documentation of completion of CE requirements to the Department at least 30 days before the expiration of his or her license.


B)        A licensee who has not been recommended for relicensure by the EMS MD shall independently submit an application for renewal to the Department.  The EMS MD shall provide a written statement stating the reason for the denial of relicensure to the licensee and the Department.  The application for independent renewal may be found on the Department's website: http://dph.illinois.gov/sites/ default/files/forms/emsindependentrenewal-040317.pdf.


2)         The EMS MD or designee shall provide an electronic authorization to the Department regarding completion of the following minimum requirements:


A)        Paramedics and PHRNs shall have a minimum of 100 approved CE hours. A-EMTs and EMT-Is shall have a minimum of 80 approved CE hours.  EMTs shall have a minimum of 60 approved CE hours.


B)        CE hours shall consist of EMS System-approved in-services, Department-recognized college health care courses, online CE courses, seminars and workshops, addressing both adult and pediatric care.  The System shall define in the Program Plan the number of CE hours to be accrued for relicensure.  No more than 20 percent of those hours may be in the same subject.


C)        Any System CE requirements for EMS Personnel approved to operate an automated external defibrillator shall be included in the required CE hours.


D)        The licensee shall have a current CPR for Healthcare Providers card that covers didactic and psychomotor skills that meet or exceed American Heart Association guidelines.


b)         The license of EMS Personnel who has failed to file a completed application for renewal on time shall be invalid on the day following the expiration date shown on the license. EMS Personnel shall not function on an expired license.


c)         At any time prior to the expiration of the current license, an EMT, A-EMT, EMT-I or Paramedic may downgrade to EMT or EMR status for the remainder of the license period.  The EMT, A-EMT, EMT-I or Paramedic shall make this request in writing to the EMS MD of his or her System of primary affiliation along with a signed renewal notice and his or her original EMS license and duplicate license fee.  The EMS MD or designee shall verify that the license is current with CE hours and forward the approved applications to the Department.  To relicense at the EMT or EMR level, the individual must meet the relicensure requirements for that downgraded level.


d)         EMS Personnel who have downgraded to EMT, A-EMT or EMT-I status may subsequently upgrade to his or her original level of licensure held at the time of the downgrade upon the recommendation of an EMS MD who has verified that the individual's knowledge and psychomotor skills are at the level of the licensure being requested.  The individual shall complete any education or testing deemed necessary by the EMS MD for resuming A-EMT, EMT-I or Paramedic activities and submit a duplicate license fee.  EMS Personnel cannot upgrade from the EMR level.


e)         EMS Personnel whose licenses have expired may, within 60 days after license expiration, submit all relicensure requirements and submit the required relicensure fees (see Section 515.460), including a late fee, online or by certified check or money order.  Cash or personal check will not be accepted.  If all relicensure requirements have been met, and no disciplinary actions are pending against the EMS Personnel, the Department will relicense the EMS Personnel.


f)         EMS Personnel whose licenses have  expired for a period of more than 60 days shall be required to reapply for licensure, complete the education program, pass a Department-approved licensure examination, and pay the fees as required for initial licensure (see Section 515.460). Within 36 months after expiration of a license, an individual may quality for reinstatement under Section 515.640.


g)         The Department shall require the licensee to certify on the renewal application form, under penalty of perjury, that he or she is not more than 30 days delinquent in complying with a child support order.  (Section 10-65(c) of the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act)


(Source:  Amended at 42 Ill. Reg. 17632, effective September 20, 2018)