Section 390.2690  Service Departments


a)         Dietary facilities shall comply with the standards specified in the Department's rules entitled "Food Service Sanitation" (77 Ill. Adm. Code 750). Food service facilities shall be designed and equipped to meet the requirements of the Narrative Program. These may consist of an on-site conventional food preparing system, a convenience food service system, or an appropriate combination of the two. (B)


b)         The kitchen, consisting of food preparation, cooking and serving areas, shall be approximately ten square feet per resident bed, crib or bassinet with a minimum area of at least 200 square feet. It shall be properly located for efficient food service, and be large enough to accommodate the equipment and personnel needed to prepare and serve the number of meals required. (B)


c)         The following facilities shall be provided as required to implement the type of food service selected:


1)         A control station shall be provided for receiving food supplies.


2)         Storage space shall be adequate to provide normal and emergency supply needs, approximately two and one half square feet per resident bed, crib or bassinet for bulk and daily food storage, located in a room convenient to the kitchen.


3)         Food Preparation Facilities. Conventional food preparation systems require space and equipment for preparing, cooking, and baking. Convenience food service systems such as frozen prepared meals, bulk packaged entrees, and individual packaged portions, or systems using contractual commissary service require space and equipment for thawing, portioning, heating, cooking, or baking.


4)         Handwashing facilities shall be located in the food preparation area.


5)         Residents' meal service facilities shall be provided as required for tray assembly and distribution.


6)         Warewashing space shall be located in a room or an alcove separate from food preparation and serving areas. Commercial type dishwashing equipment shall be provided. Space shall also be provided for receiving, scraping, sorting, stacking and loading soiled tableware and for transferring clean tableware to the using areas. A handwashing lavatory shall be provided. (B)


7)         Potwashing facilities shall be located conveniently for washing and sanitizing cooking utensils. (B)


8)         Storage areas shall be provided for cans, carts, and mobile tray conveyors.


9)         Waste storage facilities shall be located in a separate room easily accessible to the outside for direct pickup or disposal.


10)         Office or desk spaces shall be provided for dietitians and the dietary service manager.


11)         Toilets with lavatory shall be accessible to the dietary staff.


12)         A janitors' closet for the exclusive use of the food preparation areas shall be located within the dietary department. It shall contain a floor receptor or service sink and storage space for housekeeping equipment and supplies.


13)         Self-dispensing icemaking facilities shall be provided.


14)         Provide adequate can, cart and mobile tray washing facilities as required.


d)         Infant Formula Facilities


1)         On-site Formula Preparation


A)        Clean-up facilities for washing and sterilizing supplies. These shall consist of a lavatory or sink equipped for handwashing, a bottle washer, work counter space, and an equipment sterilizer.


B)        If required by the program, provide a separate room for preparing infant formula. It shall contain a lavatory or sink equipped for handwashing, refrigerator, work counter, formula sterilizer, and storage facilities. It may be located near the nurseries or at another appropriate place within the facility.


2)         Commercially prepared formula. If a commercial infant formula is used, the storage and handling may be done in room which has a work counter, a sink equipped for handwashing, and storage facilities.


e)         Laundry


1)         Provide a laundry room with commercial type equipment designed to meet the needs of the facility unless a commercial laundry service is used.


2)         The laundry facilities shall be designed to provide for the processing of linens from soiled linen receiving/sorting through washing, through drying, through clean linen inspection, folding and storage, maintaining a separation between soiled and clean functions.


3)         Provide for the storage of laundry supplies and carts.


4)         If washers and dryers are provided for personal use of residents, they shall be located in a room separate from the facility's laundry room.


f)         Housekeeping and Storage


1)         Sufficient janitor's closets shall be provided throughout the facility as required to maintain a clean and sanitary environment. Each shall contain a floor receptor or service sink and storage space for housekeeping equipment and supplies. Space for large housekeeping equipment and for back-up supplies may be centrally located.


2)         Provide a total area of approximately ten square feet per resident bed, crib or bassinet for the storage areas designated in this service department. This does not include closets or wardrobes in residents' rooms. Separate storage space with provisions for locking and security control shall be provided for residents' personal effects which are not kept in residents' bedroom.


3)         Provide storage rooms for maintenance supplies, yard equipment and similar items.


(Source: Amended at 13 Ill. Reg. 6301, effective April 17, 1989)