Section 330.210  Filing an Annual Attested Financial Statement


a)         Filing Requirement


1)         Each licensee shall submit an annual attested financial statement to the Department.  This financial statement shall be filed in a prescribed format on forms supplied by the Department.  The forms will be developed in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Public Aid.  (Section 3-208 of the Act)


2)         The time period covered in the financial statement shall be a period determined by the Department for the initial filing, and shall thereafter coincide with the facility's fiscal year or the calendar year.


b)         The Department may require any facility to file an audited financial statement, if the Department determines that such a statement is needed. (Section 3-208 of the Act)


c)         Additional Filing Requirements


1)         The Department may require any or all facilities to submit attested or audited financial statements more frequently than annually, if the Department determines that more frequent financial statements are needed.


2)         The frequency and time period of such filings shall be as determined by the Department for each individual facility.  (Section 3-208 of the Act)


d)         Filing Deadline and Completeness


1)         The financial statement shall be filed with the Department within 90 days following the end of the designated reporting period.


2)         The financial statement will not be considered as having been filed unless all sections of the prescribed forms have been properly completed.  Those sections which do not apply to a particular facility shall be noted "not applicable" on the forms.


e)         The information required to be submitted in the financial statement will include, but is not limited to, the following:


1)         Facility information, including:  facility name and address, licensure information, type of ownership, licensed bed capacity, date and cost of building construction and additions, date and cost of acquisition of buildings, building sizes, equipment costs and dates of acquisition.


2)         Resident information, including:  number and level of care of residents by source of payment, income from residents by level of care.


3)         Cost information by level of care, including:


A)        General service costs; such as dietary, food, housekeeping, laundry, utilities, and plant operation and maintenance.


B)        Health care costs; such as medical director, nursing, medications, oxygen, activities, medical records, other medical services, social services, and utilization reviews.


C)        General Administration; such as administrative salaries, professional services, fees, subscriptions, promotional, insurance, travel, clerical, employee benefits, license fees, and inservice training and education.


D)        Ownership; such as depreciation, interest, taxes, rent, and leasing.


E)        Special Service cost centers; such as habilitative and rehabilitative services, therapies, transportation, education, barber and beauty care, and gift and coffee shop.


4)         Income information, including operating and nonoperating income.


5)         Ownership information, including balance sheet and payment to owners.


6)         Personnel information, including the number and type of people employed and salaries paid.


7)         Related organization information, including related organizations from which services are purchased.


f)         The new owner or a new lessee of a previously licensed facility may file a projection of capital costs at the time of closing or signing of the lease.


1)         A facility which is licensed for the first time (a newly constructed facility) must file a projection of capital costs.


2)         Each of the above must file a full cost report within nine months after acquisition (covering the first six months of operation.).  Each must also file a cost report within 90 days of the close of its first complete fiscal year.


g)         No public funds shall be expended for the maintenance of any resident in any facility which has failed to file this financial statement, and no public funds shall be paid to, or on behalf of, a facility which has failed to file the statement. (Section 3-208(b) of the Act)


(Source:  Amended at 13 Ill. Reg. 6562, effective April 17, 1989)