Section 300.650  Personnel Policies


a)         Each facility shall develop and maintain written personnel policies that are followed in the operation of the facility.  These policies shall include, at a minimum, each of the following requirements.


b)         Employee Records


1)         Employment application forms shall be completed for each employee and kept on file in the facility.  Completed forms shall be available to Department personnel for review.


2)         Individual personnel files for each employee shall contain date of birth; home address; educational background; experience, including types and places of employment; date of employment and position employed to fill in this facility; and (if no longer employed in this facility) last date employed and reasons for leaving.


3)         Facilities shall maintain a confidential medical file for each employee that shall contain health records, including the employee's vaccination and testing records, initial health evaluation and the results of the tuberculin skin test required under Section 300.655, and any other pertinent health records.


4)         Individual personnel records for each employee shall also contain records of evaluation of performance.


c)         Prior to employing any individual in a position that requires a State license, the facility shall contact the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to verify that the individual's license is active.  A copy of the license shall be placed in the individual's personnel file.


d)         The facility shall check the status of all applicants with the Health Care Worker Registry prior to hiring.


e)         All personnel shall have either training or experience, or both, in the job assigned to them.


f)         Orientation and In-Service Training


1)         All new employees, including student interns, shall complete an orientation program covering, at a minimum, the following:  general facility and resident orientation; job orientation, emphasizing allowable duties of the new employee; resident safety, including fire and disaster, emergency care and basic resident safety; infection prevention and control; and understanding and communicating with the type of residents being cared for in the facility.  In addition, all new direct care staff, including student interns, shall complete an orientation program covering the facility's policies and procedures for resident care services before being assigned to provide direct care to residents.  This orientation program shall include information on the prevention and treatment of decubitus ulcers and the importance of nutrition in general health care.


2)         All employees, except student interns shall attend in-service training programs pertaining to their assigned duties at least annually.  These in-service training programs shall include the facility's policies, including infection prevention and control policies required in Section 300.696, skill training and ongoing education to enable all personnel to perform their duties effectively.  The in-service training sessions regarding personal care, nursing and restorative services shall include information on the prevention and treatment of decubitus ulcers.  In-service training concerning dietary services shall include information on the effects of diet in treatment of various diseases or medical conditions and the importance of laboratory test results in determining therapeutic diets.  Written records of program content for each session and of personnel attending each session shall be kept.


3)         All facilities shall provide training and education on the requirements of Section 2-106.1 of the Act and Section 300.686 of this Part to all personnel involved in providing care to residents, and train and educate those personnel on the methods and procedures to effectively implement the facility's policies. Training and education provided under Section 2-106.1 of the Act and Section 300.686 shall be documented in each personnel file.  (Section 2-106.1(b-15) of the Act)


g)         Employees shall be assigned duties that are directly related to their functions, as identified in their job descriptions.  Exceptions may be made in emergencies.


h)         Personnel policies shall include a plan to provide personnel coverage for regular staff when they are absent.


(Source:  Amended at 46 Ill. Reg. 6033, effective April 1, 2022)