Section 250.1740  Laundry Service


a)         Laundry Service shall be provided by an organized laundry service under competent supervision or by contract with another entity.


1)         If laundry services are provided by an outside firm or another hospital, a written contract shall be available.  It shall specify that the laundry meets the same standards required for an in-hospital unit. The linens must be transported in sanitary vehicles.  Clean and soiled linens must not be transported in the same vehicle at the same time.


2)         Equipment and construction shall be as required in Subpart T and Subpart U.


b)         The hospital laundry shall be:


1)         Located in such relationship to other areas that steam, odors, lint and objectionable noises do not reach patient or personnel areas.


2)         Well-lighted, ventilated and adequate in size for the needs of the hospital and for the protection of employees.


3)         Maintained in a safe, sanitary, lint free condition and kept in good repair.


4)         Not part of a storage area.


c)         An adequate supply of clean linen shall be provided for at least three complete bed changes for the hospital's licensed bed capacity.


d)         There shall be written procedures developed and maintained pertaining to the handling, storage, transportation and processing of linens in such manner that will prevent the spread of infection and will assure the maintenance of clean linen.


e)         All linens shall be mechanically washed using soap or detergent and warm or hot water. Linens shall be disinfected by using one of the following procedures:


1)         Thermal Disinfection:  Linen must be exposed to water with a minimum of hot water at least 160 degrees Farenheit for a cumulative time of at least 25 minutes.


2)         Chemical and Thermal Disinfection:  Linen must be exposed to wash and bleach bath water at least 140 degrees Farenheit. The bleach bath must be at least 10 minutes long and have a starting bleach concentration of 100 ppm. This bleach concentration should be measured by titration on a periodic basis.


3)         Other:  A step-wise wash process which has been previously documented by microbiological study published in a scientific journal. The results must indicate no surviving pathogenic microorganisms and a low level of other organisms. Low level is defined as nine out of ten samples with less than two colonies per ten square centimeters of test surface.


f)         All washed linens shall be thoroughly rinsed. A neutralizing rinse is recommended.


g)         Separate areas shall be maintained in the hospital for storage of clean linen and for storage of soiled linen.  Linen storage areas shall be adequate in size for the needs of the hospital and shall not be used for any other purpose.  Storage shall not be permitted in areas or rooms where plenums of air conditioning or ventilating systems are located.


h)         Handwashing and toilet facilities for laundry personnel shall be provided at locations convenient to the laundry.


i)          Soiled and clean linen carts shall be so labeled and provided with covers made of washable materials which shall be laundered or suitably cleaned daily.


(Source:  Amended at 15 Ill. Reg. 13811, effective October 1, 1991)