Section 250.1520 Reports


a) Each hospital shall submit reports containing such pertinent data as may reasonably be required by the Department to fulfill its responsibilities under the Act and this Part.


b) In the reporting of communicable disease cases, the hospital shall comply with the Control of Communicable Diseases Code.


c) See Sections 250.1830 and 250.1840 regarding reports pertaining to mothers and infants, and regarding children to be discharged to a person other than a biological parent.


d) See Section 250.1830 regarding birth, fetal death and death reports.


e) The death of a pregnant person or the death of a person within one year following the termination of that person's pregnancy shall be reported to the Department as required by the Department's rules titled Maternal Death Review and in Section 250.1830(i)(2). This is required regardless of the type of hospital or the reason for the patient's admission.


f) Any incident or occurrence in a hospital that could be considered a catastrophe or creates a potential immediate jeopardy or dangerous threat that requires the transfer of patients to other parts of the facility or other facilities, including but not limited to fire, flood, or power failure, shall be reported to the Department within 24 hours after the occurrence. Reports shall be made to the Department via email at: DPH.HospitalReports@illinois.gov.


g) Reporting Opioid Overdoses


1) As used in this Section, the following definitions apply:


"Overdose" has the same meaning as provided in Section 414 of the Illinois Controlled Substances Act.


"Health care professional" a physician licensed to practice medicine in all its branches, a physician assistant, or an advanced practice registered nurse licensed in Illinois.


2) When treatment is provided in a hospital's emergency department, a health care professional who treats a drug overdose, hospital administrator, or the designee of either shall report the case to the Department of Public Health within 48 hours after providing treatment for the drug overdose or at such time the drug overdose is confirmed.


3) The hospital shall report to the Department the following information electronically or on forms provided by the Department:


A) Whether an opioid antagonist was administered and, if yes, the name of the antagonist;


B) The cause of the overdose, including, but not limited to, whether the overdose was caused by an opioid or heroin; and


C) The demographic information of the person treated. The demographic information shall include, but is not limited to, the patient's:


i) Age;


ii) Sex;


iii) Federal Information Process Standards county code;


iv) Zip code;


v) Race, using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) race category; and


vi) Ethnicity, using the CDC ethnicity group.


4) The person completing the form shall not disclose the name, address, or any other personal information of the individual experiencing the overdose.


5) The identity of the person and hospital reporting under this subsection (g) shall not be disclosed to the subject of the report. For the purposes of this subsection (g), the health care professional, hospital administrator, or designee making the report, and his or her employer, shall not be held criminally, civilly, or professionally liable for reporting under this subsection (g)(5), except for willful or wanton misconduct. (Section 6.14g of the Act)


h) Each hospital shall notify the Department within 24 hours after receiving a notice of impending strike of staff providing direct care. The hospital shall submit a strike contingency plan to the Department no later than three calendar days prior to the impending strike.


i) Hospitals without a licensed pediatric unit that provide limited inpatient or observation services to pediatric patients (neonate (less than 28 days of age) to 14 years old) shall report the following information to the Department quarterly on the form available at: https://dph.illinois.gov/topics-services/health-care-regulation/hospitals.html:


1) The number of pediatric patients admitted or under observation;


2) The number of pediatric mortalities;


3) The number of pediatric patients admitted and ultimately transferred; and


4) A breakdown of those pediatric patients that were transferred via the emergency department, post-procedure, or from an in-patient or observation status setting.


j) Consulting hospitals shall report the following information to the Department quarterly, on the form available at: https://dph.illinois.gov/topics-services/health-care-regulation/hospitals.html:


1) The number of pediatric consultations provided; and


2) The costs incurred for providing the pediatric consultations.


(Source: Amended at 48 Ill. Reg. 450, effective December 20, 2023; expedited correction at 48 Ill. Reg. 5807, effective December 20, 2023)