Section 1380.260 Examination


a) Examinations may be given in various formats, and different submittal dates apply depending on the examination format. For examinations administered in paper form in October and April, there is an examination assignment cutoff date that varies depending on the actual date of the examination. For examinations administered in the spring, receipt of the applications after November 15 for the April exam or, for examinations administered in the fall, after May 15 for the October examination, may not provide sufficient time for required credentials to arrive at the Department and be reviewed by the Board prior to the exam assignment cutoff date. If this occurs, the applicant will be approved to sit for a later examination if all requirements are met. For examinations administered continuously in a computer-based format, there is no deadline for submittal of the application and the applicant, if approved to sit for the exam, will be allowed to test for three years after date of receipt of the application by the Department. For the computer based examinations, there will be four windows in a year, with a maximum of three attempts in any calendar year, and no more than one attempt in a window.


b) The examination for licensure as a professional engineer shall be divided into two Parts. If an applicant wishes only to be enrolled as an Engineer Intern, and if he or she otherwise qualifies under Section 1380.240, he or she shall be required to take only Part I of the examination.


1) Part I Fundamentals of Engineering Examination shall consist of problems or other examining techniques designed to evaluate the applicant's knowledge of the basic and engineering sciences and related subjects normally considered as the fundamentals of an engineering education.


2) Part II Principles and practice of Engineering Examination shall consist of problems or other examining techniques relating to designs in or to the practice of professional engineering as described in Section 4(o) of the Act.


c) The examination administered by the Division shall be provided by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES). The specific examination content, length and method of administration shall be as determined by periodic evaluations of the test specifications by NCEES.


d) Part I of the examination will be waived for an applicant who is licensed as a structural engineer and who received such license by passing the fundamentals of engineering examination administered under the Structural Engineering Licensing Act of 1989 [225 ILCS 340].


e) The scoring of the examinations and determination of scores shall be as approved by NCEES. Separate scores shall be given for Part I and Part II and shall be reported as pass or fail.


f) An applicant who sits for both Parts I and II of the examination and passes only Part I shall be eligible to be enrolled as an Engineer Intern.


g) Retake of Examination


1) Applicants shall be required to retake only the Parts on which a passing score was not achieved.


2) If an applicant neglects, fails without an approved excuse, or refuses to take the next available examination offered for licensure under this Act within 3 years after filing the application, the fee paid by the applicant shall be forefeited and the application denied. If an applicant fails to pass an examination for licensure under this Act within 3 years after filing the application, the application shall be denied. However, such applicant may thereafter make a new application for examination, accompanied by the required fee (Section 9(b) of the Act). New applications shall include proof of meeting the qualifications for examination in effect at the time of such new application except as provided in subsection (h).


h) Successful scores of previously passed Parts of the examination shall be accepted for the purposes of licensure provided the applicant has met all other requirements for licensure as outlined in the Act. For such purposes, the most recent score on a Part shall be the score of record. In no circumstances shall the Division accept a previous passing score on a Part for an applicant whose score of record is a failing score.


i) A candidate who fails an examination may not review his/her examination booklet or the associated answer sheets. Rescoring of the examination or any individual problem is not permitted; however, a retabulation of the numerical score will be permitted for paper examinations but no retabulation of a computer based examination is allowed.


j) If an applicant has failed an examination, the examination may not be waived for licensure.


(Source: Amended at 39 Ill. Reg. 14859, effective November 13, 2015)