Section 1370.460  Application for License as a Full-contact Martial Arts Contestant


a)         The Division may deny an application for licensure if the applicant fails to meet the qualifications specified in this Section, fails to pass a required examination, or otherwise fails to complete training to the satisfaction of the Division.


b)         No contestant shall participate in a contest without being licensed.


c)         Contestants shall be separately licensed for either boxing or full-contact martial arts.


d)         An applicant for a license shall complete an application provided by the Division, which shall include the fee set forth in Section 1370.30.


e)         An applicant must be at least 18 years of age.


f)         An applicant must show proof of state residency.


g)         Disclose in writing, on a form provided by the Division, a complete medical history, including any prior or existing medical conditions.


h)         All costs involved with medical examinations and/or tests required in this Section shall be the responsibility of the applicant.


i)          Proof of good moral character.  The applicant shall notify the Division of any criminal convictions other than minor traffic violations.  The Division may consider any criminal convictions or discipline in another jurisdiction in which the applicant is licensed when determining if the applicant is qualified for licensure.


j)          When the accuracy or sufficiency of any submitted documentation of stated experience is questioned by the Division or the Board because of lack of information, discrepancies or conflicts in information given or a need for clarification, the applicant seeking licensure may be requested to:


1)         Provide the necessary information; and/or


2)         Appear for an interview before the Board to clarify information or clear up any discrepancies or conflicts in information.


k)         Applicants for licensure as a contestant shall be completed on forms provided by the Division and shall include, without limitation:


1)         A copy of current government issued photo identification (e.g., driver's license, passport);


2)         Proof of age (e.g., driver's license or copy of birth certificate);


3)         Social Security Number or tax identification number, as appropriate;


4)         Documentation of one year of mixed martial arts experience as a contestant, including the total number of bouts and a breakdown of wins and losses.  The applicant shall have a minimum of 5 bouts or demonstrate exceptional fighting ability, as shown by the applicant's competition and training history, in combat sports, wrestling, grappling or martial arts, as determined by the Division;


5)         A passport size photo; and


6)         The required fee set forth in Section 1370.30.


l)          All contestants must submit proof of a complete physical examination by a physician.  All physical exams and laboratory results submitted shall be dated no more than 6 months prior to the date of application.  The examining physician shall conduct examinations and tests necessary to attest to the fitness of the applicant to engage in contests.  Physical examinations of female contestants shall also include a pelvic, abdominal and breast exam.


m)        Each applicant shall provide medical test results to the Division dated no more than 6 months prior to the date of application, which shall include but not be limited to:


1)         Complete physical examination;


2)         Any results of an MRI report and cerebral magnetic resonance angiography dated within the last 5 years;


3)         A blood test that verifies the applicant is HIV negative (quantitative RNA);


4)         A blood test that verifies the applicant is Hepatitis B (HBsAg) negative;


5)         A blood test that verifies the applicant is Hepatitis C (HCVAb) negative;


6)         An eye examination by an optometrist or a physician licensed to practice medicine in all its branches who specializes in ophthalmology with results of dilated eye exam; and


7)          Any other test the Division or event physician may require.


n)         A contestant over age 35 who has not competed in a contest within the last 36 months, or as otherwise determined by the Division, may be required to appear before the Board to determine his or her fitness to participate in a contest.


o)         The Division may deny a contestant a license if the contestant's license to participate or compete as a contestant has been denied, refused or disciplined for a medical condition by another state, tribal athletic commission, territory, federal agency or county. 


p)         If an applicant for licensure has suffered a serious head injury, including but not limited to a cerebral hemorrhage, the applicant must have his or her application for licensure or renewal reviewed by the Division before a license is issued or renewed. 


q)         The Division will not issue or renew a license to an applicant who is found to be blind in one eye or whose vision in one eye is so poor that a physician recommends that the license not be granted or renewed.  This subsection is effective regardless of the acuity of vision the applicant may have in the other eye.